Burning Sky

Burning Sky.

Enjoying summer days?
Me, too.

And one of the loveliest moment is when the burning sky is dominating the horizon.

We have been spending some times on NYC's hottest rooftops and last night, for my dearest friend Chichi's farewell, we went to the Press Lounge at the West side.
Overlooking the Hudson River, we went up to the 16th floor and enjoyed the burning sky.

Join me on Skywatch Friday and enjoy breathtaking skies from many corners of the world


  1. Bagus mba fotonya, kalau lihat moment seperti ini selalu suka

    1. iyaaa nih mba..ngga mau kelewatan sunset :)

  2. keren ya foto-fotonya..
    *trus bongkar koleksi foto sunset*


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