4th of July Fireworks

The sky was beautifully lit up during the 4th of July celebration here in NYC!

Even before the show :)

Happy birthday, USA

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent sky from all corners of the world!


  1. the fireworks are always incredible!

  2. Beautiful sky shot and purple fireworks shot ~ wow! ~ ^_^

  3. Great job with the fireworks I love looking at everyone's photos since I didn't take any this year. The golden ones are especially awesome. The sky looks so dramatic hanging low over the buildings like that.

  4. Kereen bangget kembang apinya!!
    Itu yang 3 jajar kayanya seruu abis yaa *mbayangin berada disana hahaa

    Yeay, Happy Birthday USA!!

  5. Gorgeous shots, made even more so by the water reflections!!

  6. Kerennn .. Anakku pasti senang banget kalau liat kembang api, mba. Apalagi di Amerika :)

  7. Kembang apinya kaya kembang beneran ya kelihatannya
    Kembang raksasa di angkasa ... hehhehhee

  8. I missed our celebrations as I was out of town :( It sure does look like NYC knows how to light up the sky!

    1. NYC is pretty serious when it comes to 4th of July, Theresa :p

  9. Wow! You got some amazing pictures of the fireworks.

  10. Kebayang gimana meryakan lbran di kota new york, meriah kayaknya ya mbak

  11. Cantik banget kembang apinya. Fotonya juga keren.


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