2017 Independence Celebration at Astoria Park NYC

4th of July is coming!

Time for the celebration...
What's on the agenda?

And we have our early celebration here in Astoria.

That means fireworks!

Every year, an early celebration for the independence day of the US is celebrated in Astoria Park. Usually, it is 4-5 days before the D-day, the 4th of July.

And we just don't wanna miss the 2017 Independence Celebration at Astoria Park NYC.

Fireworks, near the pool, perfect weather means picnic.
And that's exactly what we are doing.
I was heading back home in hurry, at 7 PM, just to make sure I have enough time to prepare our mini picnic with the kids. 

The fireworks were launched at Astoria Park Lawn, on the Shore boulevard between the Hell Gate Bridge and Astoria Pool. It has been organized by Central Astoria Local Development Coalition Inc and for sure it has always been our annual agenda. My kids love it!
It's much more manageable for us than the real Macy's 4th of July fireworks where thousands of people are flocking at the same time :). Besides, since 2014, the 4th July was always during Ramadhan.
Last year, however, we manages  to sneak ourselves in for the 4th of July Fireworks in Astoria as well.

Here's my short video of the last part of the fireworks in 2017, when we had the big boom and sparkles. And some smiley faces too.

Astoria Park is indeed on of our favorite parks here in NYC.
Not only that it's so close to our home, it also has a great variety of facilities for families, like children playground, pool, basketball court, jogging track and more. Not to mention stunning view of the East River and 2 bridges, RFK Bridge and Hell's Gate bridge.

And this yearly celebration can be put in your agenda because it's fun and free indeed .
Do you like fireworks as well?
How do you celebrate 4th of July?


  1. The fireworks! I bet the kids love it..

  2. The fireworks are really entertaining!

  3. What a great show! I missed our city firework display this year since I was out of town. Now that my girls are older, it isn't a must see, but it is still nice to catch if you can.


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