Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

I do miss spring!

By the time I wrote this, we were preparing for another blizzard in NYC.
More than 12 hours of heavy snow, pouring from 1 AM midnight to 5 PM on the next day.

Guess we just have to be patience to meet the blossoming spring!

And enjoy winter storm Stella before spring coming knocking on our door.

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  1. I do hope it melts fast! Although then it will be a wet, muddy messy. It's been snowing there off a on. Very light though. We were supposed to get a lot last Fri/Sat, but it never happened.


  2. Wuah saljuuu. Semoga suatu saat bisa menyentuh salju *meskipun ngebayangin bakal beku kedinginan kalo kena salju, kena AC aja sudah nggak kuat haha :)

  3. Tapi buatku yg tinggal di jakarta gini, dan punya masalah serius kalo kena panas, winter dengan salju tebal begitu pasti obat bgt buatku mba :D. Itulah kenapa aku slalu traveling pas winter, dan slalu berharap dpt salju pas di negara yg dituju. Ke jepang kemarin untungnya msh ada salju tebal di Takayama :D

  4. Bisa mpe berselimut salju gitu ya mobil2nya, brrrr....

  5. I am really ready for spring too. The warm February sent my plants into early bloom, so I am praying that this cold front that came back doesn't cause them to die.


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