WW: Anniesa Hasibuan for NYFW Fall/Winter 2017 - The Prep

the details..

Have you ever imagined all the DRAMA, behind-the-scene cuckoo moments on the way to prepare one of the most anticipated shows?

in black we trust..

I was, luckily, there!
Honoured to join Anniesa Hasibuan's team once again on her road to NYFW the Show, this time for Fall/Winter 2017.

fancy for gold?

Super excited indeed and here's a little peep :)

the gold ones

more to enjoy :)

Will certainly get back with more stories :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and check out more at WW headquarters :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm so happy you linked up with me so I could see them! Do come back again! http://nanahood.com/disney-cruise-new-friends-new-experiences-new-foods

    1. more than happy indeed, Nana...I will devour all those Disney info and links :)

  2. Pretty interesting pictures there.

  3. Hi! Saw you over by Steve's so I thought I'd come over & check you out and I'm sure glad I did. Great stuff here you're sharing! Thank you! Have a great day... love your photos!!! I love beads, bobbles and bling bling!!!!

    1. Hi there... welcome and thank you for hopping in! Happy to know you like the posts :)

  4. Replies
    1. Ooow.. why? Hope you will get a chance to see her works as well

  5. The fabrics and embellishments look amazing!

    1. They are marvelous indeed, Theresa.. all those details are mindblowing

  6. Desainnya selalu kereeen! Tak ketinggalan mutiaranya, ya. :D


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