Beyond the trees

It's so springy down here!

After weeks of subzero and bone-chilling windy days, New York City is warming up for spring. Is it already around the corner? Well, we'll see.
For me, it's more like another vivid reminder that climate change is super real.

But, the most important thing is I can leisurely enjoy these beautiful days outside.
Doing what I love so much.
Sky watching :).

Just look up, snap it and how I feel much better and blessed.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy those magnificent skies from all over the world


  1. We have buds starting to form on our magnolia tree out front. I know spring is on its way. Hello global warming - if you think that's a thing. I happen to believe in it.

  2. Nice sky, I hope someday have chance to see New York Sky

  3. Recently, this sky watching, specially when the cloud's image so adorable, is one of my favorite activity, and sometimes wonder what kind of shorts do clouds wear?

  4. It's been unseasonably warm here too. Sadly, it won't last since we are dipping back to freezing temps by this weekend. Lovely sky snaps, dear!

  5. nice blue skies,love the bridge

  6. Mba, what camera are u using? I mean, look at those skies. <3

  7. soon those branches will be green again


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