WW: News Building, NYC

I will certainly put up all those pictures with holiday vibes here in the Big Apple, but I love to share all these snaps from the News Building, one of the landmarks that I pass through every day :)

It was built in 1930s I think and it used to be the headquarter for New York Daily News.
It is located on the 42nd Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Midtown Manhattan, NYC.
So if you are walking from the UN to Grand Central, chances are you will see this building.

And psst...it has the world largest indoor globe :)

I immediately look for my country on the globe :)
Indonesia :)

where do you want to go :)

National Historic Landmark in NYC

standing tall until now...

Would you be interested to see and stop by at the News Building while visiting NYC?

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping 


  1. wow keren banget..globe sebesar ituuu ada gak ya di Indonesia? xixixi

  2. Ya ampun,keren banget.globenya gede bangett^^

  3. Selalu suka deh sm gedung yg umurnyabudh ratusan tahun tapi msh difungsikan. Epic gitu menurutku. Di Serang jg msh ada bbrp bangunan peninggalanan kolonial, ada yg dijadiin kantor polisi, dan kantor pemerintahan lainnya

  4. kapan aku berkunjung ke New York? semoga anak-anakku ada yang sampai sana, aamiin

  5. waah... keren, udah lama pula dibuatnya

  6. I would certainly love to visit The News Building. That large globe is so neat!

  7. the big globe is awesome... Absolutely this place will be on my list if I have the chance to visit NYC


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