WW: Holiday Season continues

After last week's display of Macy's special holiday season, this week I have Bloomingdale's :).
Don't get me wrong, it has nothing to do with advertorial post but I just love to see all those festive and I-can-say-full-of-entertainment windows.

This year, let's welcome Bloomingdale's Lights Up a Young Mind program, which involves a group of dynamic visual artists for creating one-of-a-kind masterpiece related to the theme, lights. And all those chandeliers being displayed will auctioned and the proceeds will go to charity!

Let's check 'em out et  happy windows shopping :)

Sparkle by Allison Eden.. I just love the octopus!

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Luminescene...Love the colorful sparks..

Brilliant, by Sussane Bartsch..

up close with the sparkling mask..

Moon glow by Abby Modele

So, which one is your favorite?

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  1. Looking lovely I like the vivid colours :-)

  2. Masih ngak paham gw seni nya dimana hahaha #kabur

    1. huahahahaha..masaaa sih cumiii..itu detailnya gila bangeeet

  3. ya Tuhan cantik-cantik banget sumpah! :)


  4. I love how festive they get with their window displays and holiday decor. So beautiful to see this time of year!

  5. it looks like you already do well and I would not get me wrong with it

  6. your post is very interesting, I'm listening

  7. Thanks most sincerely for the lovely comment you left on ~ My little old world ~ I appreciate it so, so much !

    Wishing you all my best for you coming days

    Xx Daniela

  8. Oh, I forgot to thank you for the link-up party too, forgive me !

    Much love

    Xx Daniela

  9. Number 3 loveeee mba, suka deh, colorful banget ^^

  10. secara keseluruhan karya seninya wah banget ....

  11. some are nice, some not so much :) Merry Holidays, Indah!

  12. Keren-keren. Saya gak ngerti tapi lihat semua fotonya, saya bisa merasakan kekerenannya ...

  13. keren-keren banget hasil karyanya nih, pasti udah pada terkenal ni sang proklamatornya. kwkwkwk


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