Let's Jog

I bet many of you love jogging.
Or at least have done it once or a few times, if not everyday.

I have been doing it quite regularly in the last 3 months.
I'm a newbie indeed, but as my husband accompanies me almost everyday, I keep my spirit high.
And he is such a great supporter and mentor as well :).

So, besides trying to keep up my fitness level and stay healthy, another perk of jogging in the morning is breathtaking view of East River and Astoria Park.

Nothing beats fine, crispy morning to wake up your body.

And as I briskly walk or jog or run, I took the liberty to take pictures again and again.
You know me..
Point and shot, repeat. 
You might think I keep taking photos from the same spot but I just can't help it.
It's always be beautiful, even in a cloudy or rainy day.

I usually start my morning jog from home to my kids' school, then heading to Astoria Park.
Sometimes the kids are complaining, but after walking around 4 blocks they know walking is sometimes much faster than dropping them off to school by car.

We can choose shorter routes, around two miles, or slightly longer which covers three miles.

If you're familiar with Astoria Park, we start  from Hell's Gate, heading to Ralph Demarco Park and Astoria Park, climbing up to Astoria Pool and going straight to our house.
Although it takes only around 20 minutes, but my husband and I really enjoy it.
Not bad to start a day, right?
It makes me feel quite fresh before heading to the office.

morning shade from Astoria :)

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy!

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  1. tetep ya mba, sambil jogging foto2...

  2. sudah lamaaa ngga jogging :( kuat ngga ya kalo jogging lagi...

    lututku pernah cedera selama 2 tahun mbak Insav, rasanya kalo nyeri itu pingin ... pingin.... pingin apa yaaa :(

    1. jalan ajaaa dulu mbaa..lututku pun 2-2nya udah pernah cedera paraah hehehe

  3. Aku olahraganya senam ngikutin instruktur di channel mnc health hihi, ahh jadi pengen jogging rutin lagi dengan kiddos dan hubby :(

  4. Krn cidera lutut aku nggak berani lagi lari2, senampun was2 Mbak. deker selalu menemani kalo jalan jauh. Lari masih ntar, takuttt..

  5. I'm such a baby when it's cold and prefer to exercise indoors. But you have such lovely scenery, I can see why you love to jog outside often!

  6. Aku udah lama ngga jogging, olah raganya ganti di kasur kayuh2 sepeda. Hihi


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