Dearest 2016

Dearest 2016,

Thank you for all those wonderful and eye-opening moments throughout the year, when hardship and challenges would only make us stronger and shine brighter. When love and patience are the strongest virtues we all need to posses.

For the constant reminder of how blessed we all are to live our lives to this point. And to continue to live up our potential, to strive for excellence and to pray for my Rabb's continued blessings.

Thank you for teaching me, again and again, to be a better one.

Merci ya, Rabb.

Cheers, everyone...


  1. Feliz ano de 2017 com a concretização de todos os sonhos,

  2. Terima kasih sudah berteman denganku di tahun 2016 :))

  3. semoga di th 2017, kita selalu diberi kesehatan dan keberkahan ya mba...

  4. 2016 was a rough one for me. But, I have faith that 2017 is going to be a good one!

  5. You know a lot of famous people passed in 2016, but that doesn't make it a bad year. I kind of believe what happens has a reason for happening. I sometimes veer from that thinking, but go back to it when I'm having a rough patch, or a bad day.

  6. happy new year mba, 2016...aku mulai mengenal blog inspiring ini

  7. Happy New Year Mbak Indah.
    Hopefully tahun ini bisa jadi tahun yang baik banget buat kita ya.

  8. we learned from the past to face the future and may we can explore more of our potential in this life. Have a great new year ^_^

  9. bring on all the good memories from 2016 to the new year :)


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