Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another wonderful week and I have been traveling lately for works.
This time, I have to go back to Geneve, Switzerland, for meetings and as I have been assigned for 4 years in this city before, it certainly feels like coming back home again :).
So homey, so comfy..

Although I will miss Thanksgiving week (as the Swiss obviously does not celebrate it :)), I always love to go back to CH.

Switzerland has stolen my heart for its ageless beauty.

With many meetings taking place during my visit, I mostly spend my time at Palais des Nations, the UN Office in Geneve.

However, Palais des Nations is indeed a beautiful place.
it's always peaceful to see all the greeneries, blue skies and majestic mountains faraway.

Now, are ready for more beauty, great recipes, and more wonderful posts?
Come closer and join me then!

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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

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  1. It really does have a timeless beauty to it. I hope you are having a nice trip!

    1. It was a busy one but I love it, Theresa.. always enjoy CH :)

  2. siap menikmati foto-foto cantik perjalanan Mbak Indah ke Swiss ^_^

  3. waw swiss ya.. saya tunggu hasil jepretannya mba
    salam kenal

  4. This looks amazing! I wish I could go visit there right now. It's wonderful that your work took care of the travel costs.


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