Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Happy Election Day to all my American friends!
It's indeed an exciting time of the year... even I got so excited although obviously I have no rights to vote here :).
But may the best candidate win!

It's been another amazing week for me, especially as I, for the first time, joined a 5K marathon.

are you ready?

Yup..5K marathon. 

Not half marathon, or even the full one :).

I'm just an amateur but I braved myself to join Abbott Dash to 5K last Saturday here in NYC.
And it was fun!
Will come back with more story on that :)

Although perhaps I only ran for about 2 km, on et off, and mixed it with brisk walk.
It took an hour and 10 seconds for me from start to finish, and surely so many pictures taken along the way and slowed me down LOL.

Well, it's the experience that I love to have and the fact that I feel much healthier and fitter after all those series of regular workout and exercise.

And now, as we all are happy and healthy, I have the honour to invite you to our weekly bog party with Oh My Heartsie Girls  #OMHGWW. 

Ready? Get set...Go...

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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

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  1. Mbaa, dirimu masih kuat ikut marathon. Kereeenn bangett!

  2. Keren, saya kalau ikut marathon bisa ngos - ngos an mbak, sehat terus ya mbak Indah

  3. Wah mb indah strong, aku mb umur segini uda lambaikan bendera putih huhu

  4. Well, the election result has came out and I'm soooo sad hiks hiks

  5. Keren banget mbak ikutan marathon 5K, itu lumayan lho. :"D

    Oiya, gimana menurut mbak hasil election di US? Kira-kira ada pengaruhnya tidak terhadap warga Indonesia di sana?

  6. Ikut maraton itu keren loh mbak karena jaraknya panjang, meskipun 'hanya' 5 km tapi cukup menguras tenaga juga kan ya? Yang penting badan jadi sehat.. :)


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