NYC and Astoria lately

My random shots this last week, taken on my morning jog, from the subway, for the cars and buses ;).

I just love to look up and enjoy the clear blue sky above 😘😇😘

Join us on Skywatch Friday and be blessed with magnificent skies from many corners of the world.


  1. Mbak Indah, aje gileeee.... langit biru nya membuat saya jadi mangap hahaha...

  2. You certainly do have fantastic view, both inside the building and out on your jog!

  3. Keren nian mbaaa... mupeng.. huhhu kapan aku bisa ke sono yaks *kemudian melamun*

  4. Beautiful shots. I am all about taking my camera with me and taking photos of scenes that I like.

  5. Terutama dua foto yang dari bawah itu, Mbak Indah, sungguh saya suka :)

  6. langit biru dengan awan itu selalu jadi obyek foto yg gak pernah bosenin ya... Dan yg ngeliat jg selalu suka... bikin hati adeeeem


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