Morning Sunshine

Rise and shine, people...

We have been enjoying early morning exercise lately. Wakking with the kids to school, then jogging around Astoria Park before going back home and getting ready for work. 
How I love it! 
Although it was only for 30-45 minutes, but it proves to be so refreshing.

And I am super lucky to have my munchkin by my side. He's a great sport and he never fails to support and encourage me to live healthier and do more with our lives. He makes me enjoy this morning exercise, where we jog and talk a lot about things: our kids, our passion, our future plans.

It might only be short in terms of time but it means a lot us :). It makes us closer and happier, as we manage to share some precious time together.

As Rumi said:

"Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames."

This week has been wonderful as well here in New York City.
Perfect Fall weather.
Not to hot, not to cold.. Just nice.
I keep pausing to take a few snaps while jogging as Astoria Park looks so beautiful.

Some days were a bit gloomy.
But still the sky is picture-perfect!

yellowish trees..

And it never fails to remind me how lucky I am... 
To me, magnificent sky and morning sunshine are beautiful reminders of the Almighty's presence 

Do you prefer morning walk as well?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy magnificent skies from many corners of the world.


  1. Hello, pretty images and post. Looks like a lovely place for a walk. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  2. It looks like a great place for a morning walk - I've never been to that part of NYC.

  3. Beautiful shots! I love morniings.

  4. Fabulous photos of the morning in Autumn. So beautiful !
    Best, Synnöve

  5. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful park to take morning strolls. I would definitely try to get out more if we had something similar to Astoria Park here!

  6. Morning is the perfect time indeed

  7. Masya Allah...its very beautiful!
    Nice n great picture :-)

  8. Aku udah ga pernah lelarian di taman kyk gitu mam. Kudu diagendakan secara rutin ya ini.

  9. Udaranya bersih, pemandangannya bagus. Enak untuk berlama-lama melamun.


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