WW: Jakarta Goes Pink

October is here!

And are you ready to join this wonderful cause we have in the month of October?

Love pink 💖? 
Me, too!
And now I love it even more because I know I am supporting a great cause!

Join the cause!
And soon we will have JAKARTA GOES PINK back home in Indonesia.

Sincerely hope all my dearest friends in Jakarta are able to join #jakartagoespink2016 and have a blast! 💖💖💖💖💖

And for sure....
501st LEGION 
9 October 2016
Altira Business Park

Siap-siap foto bareng dgn
STAR WARS character sambil berdonasi untuk LOVEPINK 💗 ya teman-teman.

Wait for more information, giveaways and more in my blog for #breastcancerawareness month.


Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday 
and have fun bloghopping :)


  1. This is the best post for awareness I've seen speaking as a giant Star Wars nerd. Great cause!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful event! Thanks for stopping by for Wordless Wednesday. Have a fantastic week!

  3. Go fight breast cancer!

  4. Thanks for sharing for a great cause. Have a great Wednesday!

  5. wah thanks for the info ya mbak... aku yg di Jkt malah gak aware acara ini

  6. That is great! Wish you the very best!

    1. many thanks, Indrani..hope it will be a great success..

  7. Way to run for a good cause! It's time to end breast cancer once and for all!

  8. Great! Darth Vader in the pink side!! Cool! ;-)

  9. Acaranya di Jakarta minggu ini yah.
    Smoga lancar sukses acaranya.
    Unik juga foto dengan star wars character :D

  10. Beautiful pink! That's a cute event. :)

  11. Ini seru banget ya mba temanya ada dart vander segaaalaa

  12. Wahhh ada giveaway nya... sukses acaranya ya mba indah

  13. Huaaaaaaa di Jakarta. Bandung dooong. Hihi...

  14. aku nyerah mama bo jka harus lari... lututku udah nggak kuat. paling lari dari kenyataan aja yang aku paham

  15. Of course this is a great cause! Love it.

  16. Feliz miércoles mudo!!! Esta semana voy con un poco de retraso, pero no he podido antes entre médicos y visitas, pero aquí estoy visitando los miércoles mudos y comentándoos a todos!!!
    Un besazo!!!! Feliz semana!!!! Nos volvemos a ver este miércoles ^^

  17. Run for the cause is great! I love the mix of pink and Star Wars.

  18. Run for the cause is great! I love the mix of pink and Star Wars.

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