The Autumn Leaves (again)


Always be my favorite season...
Do you like fall or autumn as well?
The changing colors of those trees really lure me and put me in a soothing mood.
The bright orang pumpkins, fallen leaves, and cool temperature just make it more alluring.

I don't know exactly when I develop this habit of chasing Fall Foliage.

Yup...fall foliage.

September - October seems to be the perfect time of the year to enjoy fall foliage.
At least at this side of the world
Take a trip or two, enjoy the drive, overlooking the windows with leaf-peeping roads.
Get your photo gear ready and capture the moments.

When the changing colors wash away pain and sorrow.
When beautiful skies embrace you as hopes and prayers are solemnly whispered.
And the red hues before your eyes warm your heart.

Ah.. it feels so good to see all this beauty!
So fullfilled, so repurposed.

It somehow gives me extra energy
to go through long and winding roads...

and stay blessed...

I hope you enjoy your fall as well.

Photos were taken by me and Udi, my hubby
during our trip to Nantua, France ,  Derboronce, Switzerland and New York, New York

Join us on Skywatch Friday and stay blessed with those gorgeous skies!


  1. Fall is such a lovely season. The colors always take my breath away!

  2. Pretty picture. I like the leaves and the cooler temps, but I don't like the approaching winter and the shorter days.

  3. When fall is coming, I always kepo-ing some Instagram users to look and feel the ambience of their lovely colors.
    C'est calme :)

  4. I like summer the best just because everything is really alive with colorful + more fruits are in season. I can see why people like fall too.

  5. That's a lovely photo!
    Many thanks for joining the Saturday Silhouettes meme.


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