Autumn Sky

After two weeks of super cold weather, New York City enjoys balmy weather, again.

And autumn sky is magnificently beautiful.

Blue, fluffy sky with a mixture of warm, earthy colors

We decided to go out and enjoyed Central Park.

Rowing a boat on the lake and having a great family time 

Enjoying the balmy weather while we can :)

How's your autumn?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy magnificent skies from different corners of the world.


  1. Cantikkk cerah sama pohonnya warna kuning merah gitu :9
    Belum kesampaian pergi ke manaaa gitu pas autumn~

  2. cerah ceriaa, suka banget lihatnya :D

  3. Bagus banget deh, jadi mau visit kesana kapan2 :D

  4. keren bgt yaa sungainya,, dihiasi pepohonan yg daunya berwarna-warni..

  5. Cantiiiik. Autumn itu romantis, tapi brrrr...anginnya kenceng-kenceng

  6. Mama Boooo, pemandangannya keren banget, sejuk bgt di mata. Haduuuh kapan bisa ke sana ya hehe

  7. Indah banget itu, Mbak Indah, sungguh-sungguh indah :)

    Salam dari Jogja.

  8. The fall colors make the rowing such a beautiful experience indeed! I'd love to visit Central park in the fall!

  9. bagus banget warnanyaaaa,,, aaakk pengen ikut mama bo ke new york


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