WW: Morning colors

Such a refreshing sight on our morning walk to school with the school.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Itu bunga matahari ama lavender yaaa ???
    Duch gw selalu gagal paham ama bunga2an

  2. Mbaaaak macaro-nya keceh badai! Akoh sukaak <3
    Tapi emang foto-foto mbak Indah selalu keceh ^^
    Have a nice day mbak

  3. Beautiful shots love the colours too very pretty :-)

    Have a bloomingtastic week :-)

  4. Sunflowers are so happy! I am really going to miss the beautiful blooms as soon as the cold weather hits.

  5. It's great that we still have bright colors in September

  6. bunga ungunya cantik banget bentuknya, meriah..

  7. Sun Flower itu bunga favorit sayaaaa :D

  8. that's why it takes a while for you to walk..taking pictures here and there LOL

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