Strolling around Plumb Beach, Brooklyn

#summerisON in New York City.
And while trying to enjoy summer break which will soon end, indeed we need to look for places where the heat is not that painfully scorching.
The beach can be one of the alternatives for that. 
Of course timing is important as well, because if you are heading to the beach in the middle of the way while the sun is burning, then we might not enjoy it at all.

Last weekend, we were escaping the heat by strolling around Plumb beach, Brooklyn, right before sunset. 

We were thinking about playing in Rockaway Beach but since we went there last summer, we stopped at Plumb Beach instead.


As we arrived just moments before sunset, we didn't swim but rather played on the beach. Bo et obi were simply running around with their water gun and pails.
I have to admit that the beach is not a typical white-sandy one and rather dirty with all those debris, but being out by the sea with beautiful sunset and the kids are the perks.

enjoying the beach

Here's a few snaps form our last stroll along the Plumb beach.

the shell...

in my purple batik :)

look what we found..

busy checking their pails :)

So, are you ready to join me strolling around Plumb Beach. Brooklyn?
Come down here :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday and have fun bloghopping while enjoying the beautiful skies from many corners of the world!


  1. Senangnyaa liat kak obi dan kak bo bersenang-senang menikmati sore, Masya Allah yaa pantainya, bener-bener Allah is great..blom kesampean ngajak bocah ke pantai lg ni aku mba..

    1. Iyaaa mbaaa.. Paling asyiiik memang main ke pantai walaupun ngg berenang sih

  2. Such stunning skies and beautiful light over the beach in the first photo.

  3. Kak ... kamu pake unggu mengemaskan mulai baju sampai lipstik hehehe

  4. Love that top image!! The long arching curve of the shoreline starting in the lower left corner leads us nicely into the scene. The few people along the shore adds interest, as does that wonderful sky. All in all, an excellent shot!

    1. Thank you so much, Stanley. Really appreciate it! From the moment I saw that particular spot, I know I just had to take picture of it :)

  5. What a beautiful looking sky. Our beaches aren't white sand either, but it never stops us from enjoying them too!

    1. That's true, Theresa.. As long as we all happy about it we're good

  6. We should find more beautiful beaches around


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