An Afternoon at Central Park

New York City is warmin' up.
If not burning.
Or more appropriately, hot and humid.

I didn't remember New York City this hot.
Last year we spend our summer break in North Carolina and Florida, which are hotter, almost always above 100 degree Farenheit or  around 35 degree Celcius. Well, what are you expecting, it's the capital of sunshine :).

Again, we are so used to the sunny weather, just like back home. But somehow, I thought NYC in summer is hotter than Jakarta. Or perhaps, I don't expect NYC to be this hot.

Anyway, hot, sunny weather does not prevent us from walking out with the kids. And Central Park is one of our favorite spots. And an afternoon at Central Park is always lovely.

First, because it's beautiful. Alot to see and it's huge, so the kids can just run around freely. Stretching more than 50 blocks, we have a lot of space and choices as well.

Then it's so easy to reach with our Subway line. Take N or Q and stop at 5th Avenue and 59th street. And voila, one block away is Central Park.

And, finally, the kids love to be here to catch more Pokemon. I know, don't give that look LOL. And I guess I will l get back with more story on that.

look at all those Pokemon lovers :)

Well, another thing I love about Central Park is that there are so many beautiful photo spots. On the last visit, we only strolled around the 59th street, near the Grand Army Plaza. We have the statue of General Sherman, beautifully guided by an angel to victory. 

looks so royal..
Nowadays, we can easily capture all those beautiful places and moments.
Just take out your smart phone, aim and shoot.

it has its own story of immigrants :)

As always, the blue sky will always be the perfect background.

the mesmerizing blue sky
So, that's our afternoon at Central Park.
I hope you get to enjoy the clear blue sky as well, wherever you are.

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Everyone is welcomed  and enjoy the magnificent skies from many corners of the world


  1. take me back to Big Apple madam Insavvv +indahnuria

  2. Bener2 tertata rapi ya Mba tamannya, iri aku sama taman2 sana yang dirawat dengan baik. Kalau disini baru selesai di bangun udah di rusak2. Keren spotnya.

    1. Iya betul.. Ini jantung kota yang benar- benar terpelihara :)

  3. so, how many Pokemon have you got here :)

  4. Replies
    1. It is a gorgeous one, Dezmond...with all those golden paint and details

  5. wuiiih banyak juga ya pemburu pokemonnya

  6. Mbak indah mesti fotonya cakep2, bikin mupeng untuk datang ke dalam foto tersebut

  7. I can't wait to visit Central Park some day. But maybe in the autumn when it isn't so hot out.

    1. Autumn will be perfect for visiting Central park, Theresa

  8. Taman dengan patung2 gini terawat banget yaaa, kalo di kita mungkin dah berantakan hehehe

  9. That sculpture in the 1st photo is pretty. It sounds like it's huge!

    My husband does sculpture work, but it's very different. It's mostly bronze, abstract pieces.

    1. It actually is huge, Alissa...perhaps in our original size with high platform as well

  10. Wiiii mupemg. Semoga bisa segera ke sana ;)

  11. We were there a couple years ago but didn't stray too far from the tour bus. We plan to go back again much to see!!

    1. I sincerely hope you can come back and explore more, Suzy :)


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