Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

The second week of July has been wonderful.
Now the kids are enjoying their summer break fully and we managed to visit New York Aquarium in Coney Island on the second day of Lebaran. Back home in Indonesia, the whole week of Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated by taking some days off, in addition to two holidays on the Day 1 and 2. No wonder my timeline is cheerfully filled by my friends and families' trips to many fun places like the beaches, islands, zoos, amusement parks and more.

Away from home doesn't stop us from doing the same thing :).
So, there we were, enjoying New York Aquarium in one sunny day.

It was surely a fun day and the kids got super excited to see the sharks and all those amazing sea creatures.

a lot to see behind those glasses :)

Will get back with more details on that but now, LET'S PARTY

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  1. We love the aquarium! My daughter wants to be a marine vet and a trip to the aquarium always piques her interests.

    1. wooow..she wants to be a marine vet! That is so cool, Theresa

  2. Sea Word Ancol kalah, aquariumnya keran ada ikan hiunya. Musim panas, disini masih musim hujan. Itu give cuma khusus blogger AS ya ?

    1. hehehe..tapi sea world juga lumayan lhooo...itu giveaway buat semua mas, ikutan yaaah :)

  3. Thanks for hosting the fun and thank for the visit today!! Yay for grilling season. Have a nice day and weekend. :)

  4. I love aquariums. We have one inside our zoo here. It's pretty cool. I do miss the one we saw in Chicago.

  5. I love aquariums. We have one inside our zoo here. It's pretty cool. I do miss the one we saw in Chicago.

  6. I enjoy the aquarium so much as well


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