Perkedel Kentang - Potato Croquettes

It's been a while since I post some easy-to-cook recipe that becomes my family's favorite.

Ramadhan has been a perfect time for me (and the kids) to spend some time at the kitchen. As we are preparing for ifthar,   I usually venture those simple but yummy recipe that will fit my family's appetite for a lovely dinner.

This time I have Perkedel kentang, or loosely  translated as potato croquettes. Indeed you will find many variations of it over the internet, but the one I will share with you is my family's simple version.

My son Bo is a big fan of potatoes. He loves everything you do to potatoes so I usually try to mix it with veggies and other ingredients.

Here's the ingredients we need:

4 pieces of big potatoes - I use Idaho potatoes because its texture is nice and perfect for it.
Salt - as desired
Pepper - as desired
Ground nutmeg - as desired. I love using it because it gives you different aroma
Spring onions - thinly sliced
Egg - beaten, for dipping before frying
Oil - for frying

Sometimes we mix corned beef or ground beef with this perkedel. You are free to do so of course but This time, I prefer to mix the potatoes and spring onions only.

Here's how to cook:

Boil all the potatoes until they are soft enough but not too soft. Some people love to fry it instead, but since we will fry the final product later, I try to minimize the oil by boiling it. Using potato masher or like me, using traditional mortar and  pestle, mash the potatoes together with garlic, salt, and pepper. Add thinly slice spring onions for extra flavor, color and aroma.

My kids helped me out by shaping it into small, bite-size balls of potato croquettes. 

Beat an egg, add a bit of salt, then dip the croquettes into it before frying it until it's beautifully golden and well-cooked. And... That's it. Super easy, right :).

Perkedel kentang will be a perfect companion for a bowl of steamed rice and chili sauce. But it's perfect to munch it just like that.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Bon appetite!


  1. ahaa, perkedel kentang paporit pisan ini mah,apalagi kalo di campur daging cincang hahaa

    yummy ditambul :D

  2. bisa-bisa aku jadiin camilan nih perkedel kentang

  3. Wuih. Perkedel adalah menu favorit saya, Mbak. Biasanya lebih banyak campuran dagingnya... Vay juga lumayan nih doyannya...

    1. Aku karena kurangin daging jadi hanyak sayuran aja niih Zy ;)

  4. Aku gagal fokus sama piring kotak keramik itu. Baguus banget. Hoho

  5. Perkedel kentang enaaaaak. Anak-anak tuh paling suka bagian buletin2 gitu ya :D

  6. These potatoes croquettes look so good. Thanks for sharing the recipe to make them!! :)
    Yes it would be nice to get together some to time to meet each other. Take care and wishing you a happy 4th of July! :)

  7. Pergedel kentang + Saos = nikmat manakah yang kau dustakan :3 Hihihi :D Doyaaaaaan :D

  8. kalo dulu mama udh masak perkedel kentang, duuuuh, itu bisa abis dimakan gitu aja ;p. pdhl mulanya utk temen makan soto :D

  9. Hm yummy.
    Bahasa Inggrisnya perkedel itu croquette, yah Mbak. Jadi tahu, hehehe.

  10. Dari tadi saya fokus sama gambar ternyata pake bahasa inggris tulisannya..hahahah
    Salam Mba..Kapan kapan boleh ni dikirim.. :D

  11. Selain suka resepnya, suka sama piring kotaknya. Lucu banget, Mak Innnn! Btw aku pernah bikin perkedel buat Ubii, gosong euy. Sejak itu belum coba lagi bikin sendiri. Rada trauma hahaha. *cemen*

  12. I would definitely love this with some steamed rice. Sounds really delish!

  13. The potatoes look fairly easy. I love how you have little hands helping you. Sometimes my boys jump in to help, and sometimes I'm on my own.

  14. The potatoes look fairly easy. I love how you have little hands helping you. Sometimes my boys jump in to help, and sometimes I'm on my own.

  15. So easy! Sounds yummy too. Pinned.

  16. Delicious and easy! This sounds yummy, indah. #OMHGWW

  17. This looks so tasty! I cannot wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing. Happy to be co hosting with you at the #OMHGWW


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