Golden Sky

Golden sky.

R.F. Kennedy Bridge, Manhattan skyline and East River are perfect combination for a perfect sunset.

My place for an amicable moment and sending my endless gratitude to the Almighty.

under the bridge

Join me and sky lovers in Skywatch Friday and enjoy those beautiful skies from different corners of the world


  1. Beautiful view mamabo☺☺itu gimana cara ambil fotonya y* bener2x fotografer handal☺

    1. yang bagus viewnya mbaaa...ambil fotonya jepret ajah :)

  2. Replies
    1. waaa..indahnyaaaa...
      kalau di Siak Riau, aku suka jalan sore di pinggir sungai siak mbak..indah banget pemandangannya^^

  3. I love the contrast of light on one side of the bridge and dark on the other. Great shots!

  4. So pretty! You have to photograph it at just the right time. It looks like you did.

  5. Akuuu termasuk skylover, jd kepingin join :D


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