WW: Midtown Manhattan in Black and White

Just a little stroll around the city
On the second day of Ramadhan :).

The sky was super cloudy and resulted in gray scale hue in my phone.
Well, Midtown Manhattan in Black and White is not that bad after all...

in BW..

the shapes..

before the crossing ..

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  1. I like B&W and the vertical motif is nice.

  2. That last one looks like a giant ant about to unleash its wrath Kong style

  3. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for linking up for Wordless Wednesday!

  4. posting suasana ramadhan di NY dong mbak

  5. This is something that I miss! I use to be exposed to this skyuline and where I am now, the highest building is probably 6 floors high. Lovely angle and perspectives.

  6. Great photos! I like the feel of the city captured in black and white!


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