WW: Beyonce at NYC

Last week, I got a chance to watch Beyonce Knowles concert in NYC!
Yeeeeees.. Queen B is here :).

Here are some snaps I took during the two full hours musical journey with this diva at Citi Field, Queens :).

Complete story is certainly coming..

in red!

waiting for the Queen B :)

she is fantastic!

Check out more story on my Steller :)

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  1. Cool !! Wow, i pretty sure it was a good one :)

    1. It was indeed a great concert :). She's marvelous

  2. Wow! brilliant looks like you had a fantastic day :-)

  3. I bet she puts on one heck of a show. Lucky you getting to see the concert in person!

  4. Impressive pics. It's not easy to get concert photos, u've got all those people in ur way and u need a good telephoto lens. Nice job and that middle one, way cool.

  5. beruntungnya dirimu mama bo bisa lihat konser keren ini.

  6. looks like a great concert indeed

  7. Oh wow!! I bet the concert was amazing!! Great pictures :)

  8. Luar biasa MBak Indah ini, masih mampu menyempatkan untuk nonton konser, padahal kesibukannya segambreng

  9. Iiih poto2 di Stele mama boo keren2 bangeeet!

  10. She is so talented and pretty! I would love to go to one of her shows.


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