PS 122 Cultural Night

PS 122 Cultural Night is back!

Remember that I posted PS 122 Cultural Night event last year?
I posted the story here, culture night at PS 122.

And we all are more than happy to join the fun again this year.
Like last year, we have Indonesian table during the event.
And it was fun, fun, fun.

This year, my dearest friend and neighbor, Dita, join me in the food department.

with Dita @ditut :)

Dita, the famous food photographer, stylist, and illustrator (go check her Instagram @ditut :)) and  made 2 trays of delicious bakwan or vegetable fritters. Super yuuum indeed.
While I prepared 2 trays of bakwan jagung or corn fritters and 1 big tray of mie goreng or fried noodles. Truly Indonesian favorite food and we hope everyone will enjoy that, too.

So, amidst the crazy never-ending UN meetings I have, I managed to ask permission to leave the office early on that  Friday dan headed back home. Hurrily changed my clothes in purple kebaya and Tapis Lampung, Bo, Obi et Udi have got everything ready.
Off we went to the school yard and prepared our table.
It was supposed to be alphabetical order and clearly somebody took our table first :(.
After I spoke to the committee, they let me use whatever table available and we started tidying up our table. 
I didn't take long as I just throw all those colorful tenun and traditional fabrics from Indonesia and set the food.
And at 6.30, the Cultural Night started.

We have many  people coming to our table and tried our food.
Some of them even come back for more and love the fritters :)

sweet corn fritters for y'all..

We also had the raffle tickets.
I donated two bags of Indonesian traditional handicrafts for the raffle this year. They even have more prizes like hampers, chocolate boxes, gift vouchers, bags, perfumes, and more. 
Isn't it exciting?

try your luck :)

For the entertainment department, this year we have dances and fashion shows. 

Unlike last year, the Fashion shows was firstly introduced this year.
Not really really a fashion show but we did have red carpet there in the basketball yard where kids (and parents ;)) can gracefully walk displaying their traditional costumes.
Obi and I joined the show, with me wearing Tapis Lampung and purple kebaya while Obi wore Baju Bodo from Makassar, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

the fashion show that day :)

As all of the Indonesian food we have were gone in the first hour, we managed to look around. There were many countries participating, but just like us, most of the food were already gone in the first hour as we had so many visitors.

There are several stands which are the same as the previous year, but for 2016, we have a manga corner.
Do you know manga comics?

Meet Ms. Takashima...

we're on the list :)

For sure we all have a blast during PS 122 Cultural Night.
And I have decided to join again next year :).
Do you have cultural night as well in your kids' school?
Do you participate as well?

Check out more of my stories at #Steller :)


  1. Bakwan jagungnya ... jagungnya masih kasar2 gitu uenak ya Mak. Selalu suka baca blognya Mak Indah niih, selalu punya kegiatan seru ^^

    1. iyaaaa winda...malah enak karena krenyes-krenyes jadinya ehehehe...makasih dah mampir lhooo :)

  2. Nak Indah tq ya sdh berbagi cerita seru di cultural night yang keren dengan bakwan jagungnya. Obi terlihat cantik dengan baju bodonya.

  3. mbak Indah, itu manga versionnya bikin ide bermunculan, TFS dan ketjup buat Obiiii

    1. naaah naaah...ide-ide brilian pastinya yaaa mak tanti :)

  4. Seruuuuu, dan salah banget baca ini pas siang-siang di kala puasa pertama, bakwan jagung aja terlihat semacam gulai kambing, hahaha.

    1. huahahahaha..semangat ya mak..kami puasa di sini semangaat dan jamnya panjang ajaaa :)

  5. What a lovely event! The food looks delish, and the fashion show sounds so fun!

  6. meluncur ke stellarnya mama Obi ah


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