Happy Father's Day, Bapak

"Mama, is Bapak awake?" 
Whispered Obi that morning to me. 
Sleepily, I said no, not yet, and saw Bo et Obi were obviously hiding something behind their back.
"Okay.. We'll be back then. You know it's a special day, right?" Giggled them both while running out of the room.
Of course, I know.
It's the Father's day...


Last Sunday we celebrated father's day.

And how my heart aches and screams with joy at the same time.


Because I miss my Dad terribly.
My fun, easy going, love-to-sing, and bring-out-the-sunshine dad.
Our lives were indeed colorful, like roller coaster rides complete with strings of unforgettable events. But he was always be there, trying to find the solutions we need and keep our sanctity as one big family.

know he has rested in peace with my Rabb up there. 
Al-fatihah for Papa :).

miss you, papa :)

As for the father's day celebration this year, the kids got so excited for sure. They have prepared these beautiful cards and gifts for Bapak. It becomes sort of a tradition at school to work on special presents for the best dads we all have. 

special gifts from Obi :)

And as I mentioned earlier, we all got so excited. 
Bo et Obi were ready with their gifts and I was ready with Udi's favorite food :). Check out the recipe of tempe bacem here in my blog.

I love this one from Bo :)

And Bapak Udi, my hubby, is indeed our best-est Dad!

We can't thank him enough for everything he has done to us. 
I can't thank him enough.
For being there whenever we need him and being himself, always! 

Bapak :)

As a working mom, I spend so much time at the office. I always try to go home early but the UN and my Mission don't always give me that luxury, so that I heavily depended on my hubby in taking care of my kids. And taking care of me as well :).

my angel

And he is my angel! 
Sent to me to help me raise my petite famille wherever we are. 
As we are away from home most of the time, it put us in the best position to find ways to deal with our unique situations. And without the courage, commitment and compassion from my hubby, I don't know how we can manage everything for the last 11 years.

How we all cherish all those late night hugs from Bapak at home. 
Plus a quick 'I love you, Pak' hugs and kisses before going to bed.
Or home works checking, and math as well as reading sessions with Bo et Obi.
Not to mention our morning walks to school, with Bapak bringing all the kids' bags. 

And as for kitchen department, we all are the big fans of Bapak's signature butter rice and  yummiest sambel goreng tempe. 
And last but not least, he has the best tickles in the world.
Sometimes Bo et Obi are especially volunteering themselves to be tickled by Bapak. I will be far a way from them when they start this tickling game as I can't stand it :).

Happy father's day, Bapak!
May Allah SWT bestow you with love, strength, bless, patience and warm heart, for always 💜💜💜

Stay fun, keep cool and forever be awesome!

Happy father's day

Happy Father's Day to all great fathers out there.


  1. huhuu... jadi inget almarhum abahku, mbaa :((

  2. semoga para ayah sehat selalu dan diberkahi, aamiin

    1. Aamiiin yra .. Insya Allah diberkahi semua ya mba :)

  3. Jadi sedih kalau ngomongin bapak karena bapak saya juga sudah meninggal sejak hampir 3 tahun yang lalu, jadi sedih deh kalau ngingetnya.

  4. Aww, how sweet. Hope he had a great Father's Day!!

  5. Kalau di indonesia gak ada perayaan father's day ya mba... Adanya nya mother's day hehehe.. Kalau di luar negeri booming juga ya hari bapak.. Btw, happy father's day untuk semua bapak bapak di dunia..

    1. di Indonesia ada juga kok, walaupun memang ngga seheboh hari Ibu :)

  6. WOW your kids made a lot for Father's Day. What a special post.

    I bet you miss your Dad. I know I would to.

    1. I do miss my Papa, Alissa :). He is in a better place indeed

  7. WOW your kids made a lot for Father's Day. What a special post.

    I bet you miss your Dad. I know I would to.

  8. Such a sweet celebration. You are truly a blessed family to be so tight knit. I hope he enjoyed his Father's Day celebrations!

  9. How sweet your kids!
    So melted when your son said, "I love you, because you are always proud of me"

  10. terharu bacanya mbak :)..bapak anak2 pasti seneng yaaa dapet perhatian gini... :) Dari org2 yg paling dia sayang pula..

    1. iya mba..anak-anak heboh sendiri dan Bapaknya juga happy :)

  11. kalau di sini belum terbiasa dengan hari ayah ya mbak , hanya hari ibu saja yang gaungnya kedengaran. Btw, jadi inget alm bapakku

  12. Akkkkk sweet :") papanya boobi pasti seneng banget :")

    1. mudah-mudahan Echa :)..happy father's day juga untuk Papi Raffi :)

  13. It's just too sweet and i got teary reading it mbaaaaa.. :'D Sehat2 terus ya bapak,mbak dan keluarga..

  14. What a sweet tribute to your father, and what a wonderful display of love for your husband. Hope you all had a great day!

    1. thank you, dear.. Love is what unites us all. Hope you have a great father's day as well


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