Beyonce - The World Formation Tour

It was 5.15 PM.
And the rain just stopped.
I was just finishing my Ashr prayer when the alarm in phone displayed a reminder.

Ticket: Beyonce - the Formation World Tour

It's Beyonce :)

Yes, it was the D-day.
My time to meet the Queen B.
One of the divas I truly admire for her impeccable talents, attitudes and good deeds. Her latest works with Global Citizens is admirable as well. She is really one o

I remembered the drama of buying this ticket back in the January 2016. How excited we were at that time! Making sure we got the best spot and most affordable one. We missed the presale ones because obviously I didn't have the platinum card required. So, finally, we had the right wing on section 121, row 19. You know how much it costed us? $306.24 per person. I know it's a lot but well.. It's Beyonce >_<, what are you expecting :). Even with that, tickets were sold out.

our ticket :)

So, it was the three of us heading to Citi Field, where the concert was held. 
New York City was wet and cold that day! It was raining cats and dogs since the morning, and windy plus coldy, but the rain miraculously stopped at 5 PM. We were thinking of taking Uber but coming out of the office, the traffic was crazily unbearable as, guess what, the President of the US decided to pay a visit to the UN at the very same day. 

And you know the protocol.. 

They just had to close some parts of the 1st and 2nd Avenue, causing traffic block here and there. So decided to take the subway instead, taking line 7 all the way to Met Life/Citi Field, the venue of the concert. It was very convenient and in less than an hour. We were right on the spot.

arriving at the Citi Field

After lining up for the security check, showing the ticket and buying some food for breakfasting, we found our seat and waited for the show.

my seat :)

The stadium was filling up fast indeed.

Obviously we had enough time to take pictures here and there.


At around 7.30, we had DJ Khaled, as the opening act. He's cool! 
Although frankly I don't know much about him hehehe. But my friend Anggie said that he's one of the most famous persons in Snapchat. So if you wanna know more about him, go check it out in Snapchat. And don't forget to add me, indahnuria #eeeh :).

Queen B..

Then finalement, at around 9.30 I guess, Queen B was finally coming. 
And how cool the concert was!
The stage, the costumes, the dance and choreo, the crowd... The show was marvel indeed!

She started it with the Formation and most of her songs from the latest album, Formation. I don't remember all those songs and lyrics by heart but surely I recognized some of those friendly beats.

love her dress here..

I didn't note down her song lists but for sure we didn't stop dancing :). Some upbeat tracks from the latest Lemonade album like Formation (I slay... i slay :)) and all-time hits like Naughty Girl, Bootylicious, Me, Myself and I, Crazy in love and more.

As for the wardrobe department, you have seen how cool they were. Super sexy, beautifully intricate designs and all in bold colors like flaming red. Even the white one, I guess in lace, was so beautiful. The rest came in bling-bling jacket, boots and gorgeous hat. You can see them on my photos here.

The choreo was fantastic! It's not a secret that Beyonce herself is a great dancer and her dancers are phenomenal. I love the last choreo where they were marching to the stage, bare foot, and that particular part of the stage was filled with water. How they danced beautifully and the splashing water made dramatic effects.Super cool :).

So, all in all.. It was a great concert.
I truly enjoyed every minute of it.
We concluded the show at almost midnight, caught the subway and went home humming her songs.

Thank you, Queen B :).

See you all in the next concert story .


  1. Dress warna hitam yang di pakai emang cakep ya Mbaak

  2. Aduuh, aku blm pernah nonton konser. Pasti seru bgt ya mama Bo rasanya. Beyonce cakep bangeett ih

    1. Kalau udah pernah nonton pasti kecanduan Noe :).. Seru abiiiis soalnyaa

  3. How fun! I'd love to go to that. It's been a long time since I've gone to a concert. We go to the children's theater a lot here, and just a week ago we went to a comedy club for a date.

    1. I love to go to a comedy club as well. I'm very musical so I love concerts so much :)

  4. I love her. I would love to see her live someday!

    1. Me, too, Robin..she's a diva indeed. It was a great concert for sure :)

  5. Wow! It sounds like despite all the problems you ran into, everything worked out! Looks like it was a great concert! :)


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