Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

The last two weeks have been crazily busy for me.
The work at the offices, kids' school activities and events, and of course my blog.

I felt so tired but get some excitement from retelling our stories and uploading our photos from the spring break trip. The last leg of our trip was Muir Wood, San Fransisco.

For sure, more stories and photos from Muir Woods will be shared here.

But last Friday we joined the cultural night at Bo et Obi's school. Just like last year, we opened Indonesian table and had some Indonesian food for all to try.

Now, are you ready for another Wonderful Party with us?

Wonderful Wednesday with #OMHGWW is back and get yourself prepared for all those wonderful links that we have here for you.

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  1. gagal fokus ... hadooh mbak Indah, agak distraction ya foto-foto linkin' nya :(

    tapi curious ngeliat pohon segede gaban itu!

    1. hihihi..ngga papaaa...sengaja biar semangat ngeklik :)

  2. Lihat makananya...bikin laper euy...sini2 sodorin ke aku mbak

  3. yang penting masakan nusantara tetep ada ya mb hihi

  4. I can't wait to see more photos from Muir Wood. I have always wanted to visit there myself!

    1. I will come back with more stories on that, Theresa

  5. waduh, bisa-bisa program diet ku gagal nih hehehe

  6. wih, bikin ngiler aja nih : )

    1. ayoo buat :)..mie goreng dan perkedel jagung kan gampang hehehehe

  7. That's so neat that they have a cultural night at his school! I wish our school had something like that. We have kids from other places. The problem is, is that they don't want to serve kids homemade food. We have to have bought food due to food allergies. It's sad really. I love making dishes.

    1. you're right, Alissa. We have stated all the ingredients clearly to avoid food allergies issues. It really helps and parents are very much cautios about the food as well. It's really fun indeed

  8. Pohonnyaa, duh fokusku >.<
    beberapa kali merasakan masuk hutan tp blm pernah ke hutan yg pohonnya setinggi dan segede gini. gimna rasanya mak?

    1. rasanyaaaa...adeeem :). Asli pohonnya besar-besar banget. dan rasanya tenag bangeet di sini :)

  9. Hi Indah, thank you for Co-Hostessing with us!! Your post looks nice!
    Happy Wednesday!!

    1. Dearest Karren..thanks you for being a great hostess as well :)

  10. Mama bo ikut challenges kaya gini seru yaa, nambah temen juga. Aku kepingin tp msh ragu kendala bahasa, keteteran kuga. Haha

  11. Setuju sama Mak Tanti .... muir woods .... gede2 begitu pohon2nya? Usia berapaan itu, ya Mak Indah? Ratusan tahun kali ya?

  12. tourist often says nasi goreng being their fav food in indonesia
    btw oh that bakwan jagung *lap iler :p
    salam kenal balik ya mbak indah, sambil belajar nulis bhhs inggris yang nggak acakadut kayak diriku :D

  13. what a gorgeous wood that is


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