Throwback Tuesday: Bo et Obi

I decided to put more sweet, unforgettable memories and photos in my blog. I know I probably put a lot already but I guess I still have more to share here.

As you probably are aware of, I started blogging seriously in 2014. Or perhaps late 2013, if you consider moving my files from soon-to-be-close multiply account to blogspot as blogging :). But I have such incredible memories and experiences while we stayed in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007 - 2011, or even way back in 2005 - 2007 when we lived in Melbourne, Australia.

Tons of photos? Sure.
Unforgettable moments? Abundant.
Shared? Only a few :).

So I decided to start my own Throwback Tuesday series. And I would like to invite anybody to join me as well. Any pictures and/or stories that bring the good out of you, your family and friends, or simply anything that worth a share will be warmly welcomed. I won't bother with links, bloghop or anything. If you like to share it to the world, like I do, just simply post your entry and use the title, Throwback Tuesday.

So now, to start with, here's what I have.
Some mementos from Geneva, Switzerland, with the pictures of my angels, Bo et Obi.

My daughter Obi was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 2010. We took this pictures at Mas Habib and Mba Alma's house, using their beautiful antique set of chairs. Then Udi decided to use one of the apps to process the photos et voila, this is what we have.

While the following photos of Bo were taken in our first days in Geneva. Still staying at the hotel, Bo was a happy 11-month chubby boy when we arrived in the land of chocolate and cheese. Do you notice the resemblance of the two?

So, that's what I have at this point.
Do you have a lovely memory to share? Feel free to have your Throwback Tuesday as well


  1. cubby semua ya..ituhh obi lagi ngeces.xixixixixi

  2. Pingin Salfa chubby kayak gini

  3. I just love those smiling faces! So cute!

  4. Lucunyaa Obi gembil waktu kecil, tapi cantik <3

  5. huahaaaa..itu ngecesnyaaa..
    lucu banget sihhh, natural!

  6. woww... fotonyaa keren banget mba... Obi juga kereeen :)

  7. cutetaaaaaa Obiii syantieks banget deh :D

  8. Oh ternyata Obi seumur Alvin ya lahir tahun 2010

  9. Montok banget pengen nyubit ...
    btw keren yaa kalo anak lahir di luar negeri, saat balik ke indo kalo ngisi tanggal lahir terkesan keren hahahah

  10. I always have so many photos too, but hardly ever get around to posting them. These are such sweet photos of the kids when they were little!

  11. hahaha si Obi ngiler. Duh lucunyaaaa si Obi ini, sekarang sudah tumbuh jadi gadis kecil yang cantik :)


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