High Above

We are just embarking on our adventures to the West.
And in this beautiful Earth Day, the four of us fly to Las Vegas, via Chicago, and will soon hope on three US National Parks.

Meanwhile, enjoy this fluffy sky .. With some incredible sights from above :)

I have to check where we are exactly at this beautiful point :) 

Getting closer to the Grand Canyon..

the Colorado River

Join us on Skywatch Friday and have fun exploring the incredible sky from all over the globe 


  1. Emank boleh ya?motret diatas kapal?

    1. Boleh dong..kan hp juga dalam posisi fly mode, no connections...Dan DSLR juga bisa dipakai :)

  2. Wonderful pict! Keren-keren banget fotonya..

  3. Cuma mau bilang WOW.... luar biasa bgt foto2 nya mba. Subhanalloh keren bgt yaaa

  4. mbak, cakep2 banget fotomu mbak, suka banget landscapenya

  5. I was in Chicago on Earth Day too :) I hope you enjoy your trip!

  6. wah amazing mbak ketinggian itu emang bikin tercengang yah mbak...

  7. masuk pesawat, sendalnya dilepas nggak tuh?

  8. What an amazing journey. I like to go to new places. Isaak has never been on a plane, and Mica has only went once when he was not quite 2 years old. He doesn't remember that at all.

  9. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe trip :)


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