WW: Capturing Winter in Astoria

Winter is here to stay.
Well, it's still February, so winter is pretty much on :).

Wanna sit down with me here for a while?
This is what's left while we're trying to capture the beauty of winter in our dearest neighborhood, Astoria, NYC.

feels like sliding down here..

soft puffy snow..

Bo et Obi were really enjoying the snow..wherever it is :)

Now most of the snow is gone and we only have some powdery snow shower.
With a bit of rain and cold wind.

wet,wet, wet..

Stay warm, everyone...
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  1. Nice wintry scenes hope it's not too cold :-)

    Have a snowtastic week :-)

  2. aih,cakepnyaaa..dulu aku kira pas musim salju langitnya g warna biru,ternyata cerah ceria ya langitnyaaaa...^^

    1. Kalau lagi pas cerah memang biru mba.. Otherwise it's grey alias cloudy :)

  3. Aku belum pernah lihat salju.. Pengen ke negara yang bersalju tetapi kapan ya.. InsyaAllah ada rejekin ntar bisa main2 salju juga..

  4. Cuanta nieve, debe de hacer mucho frio. Una imágenes muy bonitas..

  5. and we get more snow this morning..

  6. selalu punya impian ke luar negri. apalah daya aku seorang pelajar yang belum punya penghasilan sendiri :(

  7. Pretty snow, but the rain on the window composition is the coolest!

  8. I am hoping we can get out and go snow tubing these weekend. Our snow seems to be sticking for now, so we'll see :)

  9. Hmm... itu biasanya sampai berapa derajat suhunya? Saljunya sampe tebal gitu

  10. Beautiful photos. Sorry I am visiting Wordless Wednesday so late.

  11. Everything looks so pretty, but I'm ready for Spring!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  12. Saljuuuuu! Seperti apa ya rasanya megang salju hihi.
    Ngebayangin salju di hari Natal :)

  13. Someday ya nteeee... kita akan duduk di salju sama sama. Akan! Aku pasti akan sampai ke sana! Amin Gusti....

  14. mama bo permintaanku yg waktu itu belum ya, inget sirup kan :)

  15. main ice skating enak ya mbak kalau lagi musim salju gini


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