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Time flies and we are on the second full week of the New Year. I have to say that even in the beginning to year, I am already (half) buried with works, some outstanding from the previous year and some are completely new. But for sure, the spirits run high and I can feel ideas are freely sparking here and there. 

And we were quite busy with Bo's project for school. This time, as they learnt about the lives of Native Americans, we made a triorama depicting the life of Lenape People. We managed to have a wigwam, a canoe, one Lenape chief and a lady, and a traditional rug. 

It was a family project so we had fun creating it. I even revived my old habit of threading bracelets with colorful threads for cross stitch. 

the bracelet-turn-into-mini-rug :)

The patterns of the 'mini bracelet' turned out to be a lovely Native American rug. Well, not exactly the same but it looks similar. Quite a colorful addition to the triorama:). I guess I will share some patterns and how-to-make this bracelet later here on my blog as well.

colorful rug in front of the wigwam :)

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  1. Yg aku lirik mesti makanannya..hehehe

  2. bener kata mak Dwi :) aku laper hehehe

  3. Aku selalu suka tiap mama bo post soal WW

  4. Keren nih triorama buatan Bo (plus family) :)

  5. Oh, I love that bracelet that you turned into a rug! Very creative, indeed!

  6. Projectnya lucu2. Anyway, kemarin habis dari pengrajin lihat2 kap lampu spt itu tp dari goni yg disablon biar kelihatan vintage.

  7. Bo! Keren banget hasil projectnyaa.. ^_^ nanti safina mau bikin juga deh (sama emaknya) ala2 indonesia ya... :D

  8. Lucccuuu. Membuat seperti ini harus punya daya imajinasi dan kreatifitas tinggi plus ketelatenan ya.


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