Stay Blessed, People

2016 starts with a big bang for me.
Lots of early-year assignments and meetings plus  pending issues from previous year make the first three weeks of the new year flew fast.
Well, I'm not complaining. All is settled as we finished those tasks one by one.
But I just need a break in between.

stay blessed, people :)
Everyday, we pass this beautiful part of Astoria Park while dropping the kids to school in the morning or when Udi picks me up from the Subway station. 
Many time we just walk 2 blocks here to play in the kids' playground or pick up some dried leaves and have a picnic.
And sunset will always be gorgeous down here.
Even just a snap from my phone.

that LIRR track is surely a stealer

It might sound simple but this is exactly the little break I need. 
I just look up, look ahead and realized how blessed we all are.
Simple beauty surrounding us is a stark reminder how we can always witness our Creator's masterpiece. 

have a great weekend...

Enjoy your weekend.

And if you enjoy the beauty of the sky above you, join us on Skywatch Friday here :).


  1. Beautiful pics, I would never get tired of seeing that. I find that little "mini breaks" like what you write about canbe very refreshing.

    1. so true, Alan. It's not always easy but we all need that :)

  2. We should all look for the little blessings in each day! Lovely sky snaps, as usual :)

    1. We should, Theresa :). Glad you enjoy the photos :)

  3. Kalau jembatan disini isinya anak alay pacaran, ibu2 angon anak & pedagang asongan :((

    1. sayaaang bangeeet ya mba..di sini lumayan tertib deh..


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