All that jazz

Anybody here love fluffy stuff?
I do, especially fluffy sky..
Yuuup.. Fluffy sky :).

Why sky? why not the pillow or food or anything else?
And the answer is..I don't know.
I just can't get enough of watching those shapes of clouds above my head...far in the horizon.
You know how I adore blue sky.
And amidst the cold and freezing days lately here in NYC, how I am so blessed to see those fluffy moments and bright blue sky on top of my head ..

feels like grabbing et hugging the sky :)
You might notice that we recently have some cold days.
Well, what's wrong with cold days? It's winter..what are you expecting, Indah.
It's about time to wear all those layers and gloves and beanies and ear muffs.
Besides, last year we started having snow in October.
With a few storms as the end-of-the-year bonus.

But since we have the autumn-like December and the  warmest Christmas in 2015 (66 degree Fahrenheit at noon)  after the last warm one in 1982 (64 degree Fahrenheit at that time), I feel like winter is not coming.

Again, I keep my hopes up too early and as the Big Apple welcomes 2016, the temperatures drop. and drop. and drop ..

From 66 to 18 degree Fahrenheit
From 19 to minus 8 degree Celcius

feels like -18 and I gotta keep myself warm..

But, the sky still looked beautifully bright.
And blue..
So captivating...

the very day when it was minus 18 :)
I truly enjoy my walked that day until I realized I couldn't feel my ears.
And my hands were numb, even behind my gloves.

Fluffy clouds and blue sky really lured me.

when the temperature hits zero degree C or 32 F :)

But again, I still can't get enough of this eternal beauty.
Keep looking up to my Rabb.
Enjoying the masterpiece of my Creator...
Once again reminding me how blessed I am ... for life and all that jazz..

Join me on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the sky from every corner of the world :)  

Thank you :)


  1. yups...selalu berserah kepada Tuhan yang menciptakan alam semesta ini,...keep happy blogging always, salam dari Makassar-Banjarbaru :-)

  2. alhamdulillah, dengan menjejak kaki di blog ini, aku terus terusan bisa melihat dunia tanpa harus ke sana!

  3. Blue sky. Cerah banget. Lovely view :))

  4. I do love fluffy clouds too! I like to imagine taking a lazy ride on when as I stair up at them :)

    1. Me, too, Theresa. Feels like hugging it and sleeping on it..

  5. Langitnya biru banget Mba... Keren dan senang banget melihat foto2nya.. Lagi2 aku merasa seolah2 akupun berada di Amrik.. Mksh Mba ya sdh ngasih postingan keren2 kayak gini.. Turut menikmati keindahan dunia pada belahan bumi yang lain..

    1. Alhamdulillaaah, semoga bisa terus menikmati ciptaan-Nya ya mba

  6. fluffy clouds make you wanna go and sleep :)

  7. I love your bright blue skies. It is snowing here today and is expected to get very cold.

    1. It is cold as well here, Yogi, but it's surprisingly sunny :)

  8. Beautiful blue skies! I haven't been to NY in a couple of years. We've had a warm winter in MD, but we'll see as February comes.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. I want warm winter :). Hope you have a beautiful one..

  9. -18 rasanya gimana tuhhh. Cantik Mbak, langitnya biruuu... Winternya lebih hangat dari biasanya ya Mbak? Kemarin baca-baca di Jepang banyak tempat ski ngga bisa buka karena saljunya kurang hihi

    1. Minus segitu rasanya kuping mau lepas una. So freezing! Tapi memang relatif hangat dan ngga ada salju nih :)

  10. Langit nya keren banget biru nya terang :-)

  11. Wow, aku pikir natal di sana selalu dingin. jadi inget lagu Baby Face ini mah, Mak. It feels like christmas in June hehehe Ketauan deh umurku ini :D

  12. Fluffy clouds remind me of marshmallows, or cotton balls.

  13. Blue sky, langitnya cerah sekali. Cantik!


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