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As the holiday season reaches its peak, we have some special guests last week visiting from Geneve. My cousin, Yusuf, and his girl friend, visited us here in NYC and stayed for around 5 days. So last weekend, while we had a freezing but sunny day, we visited the Long Island City to take some snaps under the Pepsi Cola sign. I knooow.. you might think it's very cheezy but it's a famous landmark for sure. 
the sign..
After our lunch at the Indonesian restaurant in Elmhurst, we continued our journey by making a brief stop at the Flushing Meadows :). We also passed the Citi Field and the stadium for the US Open, Arthur Ashe Stadium. As Yusuf is a a pro tennis player, he was so excited to see this place. He even said that watching US Open is on his bucket list. So for sure he will be back here again next time :).

Mie ayam for luuunch..yuuuum..
It was a short visit but it's always good to meet any members of your family. Especially since the holiday season is here.

enjoying the sphere at Flushing Meadows..

Wishing you all a happy holiday and a merry Christmas with your loved ones :)

And noooow....it's time for another Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girl :).
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  1. Usul dong, Mbak. Kasih aplikasi translate dong Mbak. Xixixi.

    1. hehehe...tadinya ada memang tapi terus aku off-kan..ayooo biar semangat belajaar :)

  2. Mie ayamnya ada telor puyuhnya ya, Mama Boo. Lama ngga makan mie. :D

    Met liburaaaan!

    1. iyaaa itu mie ayam supeeer komplit judulnyaaa hehehe

  3. This is super cool, Mak. I'm proud of you.

  4. ini keren banget deh mama bo..mie ayamnya bikin ngiler malem2

  5. What a fun tour of these places, great to get out and about!!
    Wishing you Merry Christmas!!
    Warm Hugs


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