Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girl

Holiday is getting nearer.. Yaaay :)
Although we don't celebrate Christmas, but we can feel the vibe and happy to see the festive ambience here and there. And living in New York City, we see the Big Apple at its perks :).
Lighted trees here and there, hunky nut crackers, homey cinnamon smells from every corners, and the crazy sales. I know...don't start it, as you will find yourself shopping nonstops for whatever reasons you can find :).

But again, the weather on weekends were so nice and balmy. We couldn't help it to go out and embrace the sunny day. This time, we strolled around Brooklyn Bridge.

busy bridge :)
We went there in the afternoon and got a chance to enjoy the sunset. 
Although it wasn't very clear from here.

the locks of love and the city view :)

My OOTD..All purple :)

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  1. Yep Christmas is everywhere in the US. It certainly has a buzz of cheer during this time. Unless you go shopping. Then it's craziness!

    1. hahaaa...you are right, Alissa...when it comes to sale, everyone goes mad :)

  2. Waah di sana pasti meriah bgt ya moment natal. Meraaah dan bersalju

    1. heboooh banget mak..udah tidak seperti perayaan agama lagi di sini..tapi udah kayak liburan ajaa

  3. Natal kayak lebaran klo di İndonesiq ya, saatnya belanja :)

  4. Aaaahhh bagus-bagus foto natalnya. Kurang 9 hari lagiii *ngitungin tanggal :D
    Natal di sana pasti meriah ya Mama Bo.

  5. Lovely shots of the bridge!

  6. Nice night for a stroll around the Brooklyn Bridge!

  7. such lovely photos of New York, and purple is one of my fave colours too! I have tons of it in my wardrobe :) Even have a purple bag to match my purple scarf

  8. Wonderful!!! I like them! Very nice pictures!
    My activity now is in http://limbodelirium.blogspot.com.es/
    And especially: https://www.facebook.com/leovi.leo

  9. suasana natal di sana mungkin seperti idul fitri di sini, ya. Terasa banget suasananya :)

  10. Wuih... keren banget. Foto-fotomu cantik seperti biasa. Suasana natalnya sangat kental. Aku waktu kecil selalu ngayal bisa ngerasain suasana kayak di film home alone gitu. Natal bersalju. Wkwkwk...

  11. wanna be there... whadda beautiful place...

  12. Libur tlah tibaa ... berapa lama liburannya, Mak?


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