Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girl

Wonderful Wednesday is hereeee...
It's been a super busy week for me and my family.
On Thanksgiving, I was on my  way back home from Geneve. Almost missed the flight home because the airline was slightly delayed to Geneve and if I took the same flight, I would surely miss my connecting flight in Istanbul. But they managed to get the substituted and I was detoured via Frankfurt and safely arrived at home on the Thanksgiving night. 
It's good to be back home again :)
On the weekend,  we managed to go out and visit Paterson, a city on New Jersey, around 50 minutes drive from NYC. We went to the Paterson Great Fall and here are some pics we took there...

the Great Fall of Paterson..

such a soothing view :)

feeling so blessed to be able to be with my family :)

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My Purple World

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  1. I'm glad you didn't miss your flight! I bet security was really tight, since the horrible acts of terrorism happened in Paris.

    1. You are rights, Alissa...I'm glad everything ended well :)

  2. Wow, that wonderful waterfall is in Jersey? Who knew! Looks like a beautiful place. :)

    1. You never knew, Kristi..so close from home and so beautiful :)

  3. Bagussss banget itu air terjunnya... kayak lukisan

  4. waaah, asik banget tuh bisa main ke sana, so beautiful

    1. Indeed it is beautiful... Alhamdulillah bisa main ke sini

  5. Oh, those falls are so pretty! I could sit and watch them all day long!

  6. Mama Bo, air terjunnya bagus bangeett. Pingin mainan air :)

    1. Sayangnya dipagari mba li.. Soalnya curam memang.. Dan airnya dingiiiin :)

  7. Air terjunnya bagus...
    Andai ada di Maros seperti itu maka water park mungkin akan sepi..

  8. awesome, I realy realy realy like this waterfall
    Adhi Maspamuji


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