Random sky of NYC

Wanna know what's my latest pastime?
Look up to the sky and smile.

on the 34th st and Broadway, with Empire State Building peeping in :)

I might sound silly but the last couple of years have been quite rough for me and my family. And standing here, healthy and happy, is certainly something I am grateful for. Always.

There are so many simple things jn life that we sometimes overlooked but whenever you have time, embrace life.
Be grateful.

So, back to my new hobby, here are some random photos I took, mostly with my Ztylus.

Brooklyn Bridge at dusk

Every morning I past this corner...Hoyt Avenue, Astoria

A bit cloudy..from Brooklyn Bridge as well

Queensboro Bridge from Roosevelt Island..

near my office 

Join us on Skywatch Friday and have fun enjoying the sky, wherever you are.


  1. Replies
    1. iyaaa mbaaa Munaaa...aku pun begituuu..setelah ungu tapi yah :)

  2. langitnya newyork benar2 biru, di sini lagi mendung2nya mbak Indah, sedang musim kemarau

  3. Hwaaaa angle-nya bagus banget. Amazing view of the big apple sky.

    1. big apple is enticing memang mba...langit birunya menggoda yaa :)

  4. Langitnya selalu cerah ya. Ah, baguus

  5. Such pretty pictures. I love the different clouds.

  6. What pretty pictures. I love the puffy clouds. I took a few days off next week. Maybe we'll have to go out and about just to take pictures.

  7. Memesona banget jembatan ama langitnyaaa! :*


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