Sunset over Istanbul Sky

I was drop dead tired when I boarded Turkish airlines for the second leg of my trip to Geneve. 
Stroling around the historical city for nearly 7 hours really knocked me out. 
But as we took and flew high, my eyes were feasted with the setting sun.

sunset is here..

Truly a breathtaking beauty from above...

look at that golden part of the sky..

I was lucky I managed to see this perfect time of the day to see the golden sky in front of my very eyes. I took my iPhone immediately and took some pictures.

Did you see the lining of the water underneath us?

using my fisheye lens, the view looks uniquesly beuatiful..

Enjoy more fantastic views of the sky from many corners of the world on 

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone..


  1. Itu memotretnya pakai SLR atau kamera phone mak? Cakep

  2. great shade to lure you from above..

  3. What a magnificent view!

  4. kereeeen...
    aku selalu terpana kalo melongok ke jendela pesawat meskipun sudah berkali kali
    its amazing bisa terbang di atas awan

  5. uuhhh sunsetnya keceh ya mbak mantap capcay.....

  6. Kereeeen bangat Mba Fotonya.... Sunsetnya bagus bangat. sukaaa :)

  7. sensasi menikmati sunset di dalam pesawat...warbiyasak pastinya ya mama boo

  8. Sunsetnya cantikkk... itu fish eye lens-nya ditempel di iphone gitu Mbak?

  9. Very pretty pictures!! We hardly ever get the window seat in a plane, so I love looking at other's sky shots!

  10. Those photos are stunning! I always sit on the aisle when I fly ;)


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