Look up and smile...

Feeling so blessed and grateful about everything in your life is easy..

Go out there...
Just look up and smile...

And the blue sky will smile back at you...

Astoria Park....in lovely afternoon..

thank you for this wonderful time of the year..

the sky..

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beautiful shades of sky in many parts of the world..


  1. Greaqt post. A grateful heart helps life in some many ways.

  2. A beautiful day to be out and about. Surely puts a smile one ones face when it's so lovely outside!

  3. Iya beneer yaa... Keluar runah n liat langit biru ituu, bikin hati lapaaaang... :*

  4. wonderful post dear. sometimes we all got caught up so immensely with our daily routines that we forget to give thanks to God for all beauties surround us yaaa.


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