The First Indonesian Street Festival in New York City


After all those years, we finally have one here...
Introducing...*drum rolls, please...

Journey to Indonesia...
The First Indonesian Street Fair here in New York City yooo ..

Journey to Indonesia ...

How cool is that ;).

Get closer, explore, fall in ❤️❤️❤️ and join us :).

I was so excited :).

By the time we prepared for this event, we got super excited as this is going to be thevery first time ever we have Indonesian street festival.
If you remeber, we had Pesta Rakyat @NYC last year and you can read the story here.
We have similar concept but this time we held it on the street!
I was so overtaken by meetings and other events that I didn't realized that the time has come for this first ever Indonesian Street Festival in NYC.

Held on the 68th st between Madison and 5th Avenue, New York City, this street festival was conducted right in front of the Consulate General of Indonesia in NYC. 

The opening :)

It is conducted on the ocassion of the 70th anniversary of Indonesia, which we celebrated last August 17th. And it was officially opened by the Indonesian Consul General for NYC, Mr. Ghafur Dharmaputra.

And we welcome everyone to come and  explore the beauty of my beloved country, Indonesia.

the information booth 

It is indeed fulled with non-stop Indonesian traditional performances, quizzes, fashion shows, culinary experience and free batik and calligraphy workshops. We even have a cool doorprize of return air ticket to Indonesia - NYC. Super cool :).

Saman Dance from Aceh...

Love to see them...

And the fashion show was cool as well, showcasing the many beautiful Indonesian traditional costumes.

some of the dresses for the fashion show :)

We had free face painting for kids as well...
And Obi loved it sooo much :)

the snowflake....inspired by Elsa :)

Obi et Bebe :)

We opened the street festival  with our national anthem, Indonesia Raya, sung full spiritly by most of us there...

And we got the streets full of vendors of Indonesian culinary heaven! 
From lalampa to combro, from nasi tutug oncom to jengkol balado, from sate padang to gulai tunjang. From es teler to strong Indonesian coffee ;).
Let alone all those cookies, munchies, gorengan and moreeee ;).

Want to see some of them? 
Let's start it with Sate Padang... 

Sate Padang :)

Then, on a prepacked package, you have jengkol balado (what is jengol in English? ;p), sambel teri kacang, ayam taliwang and moreee ;)..

I brough home so many of them :)

look at all those fresh chillies :)

And gorengaaaaan..
Or fritters... Many kinds of them :) fave :)


Veggie arem-arem :)

more gorengan :)

We have great crowds as well along the street...

enjoying the performance..

busy street :)
Well, it was a fun day indeed :).

Hope to see you all again next yeaaar yooo..
And I guess it will be even bigger, better et more fun and more prizes as well.
See you on the next festival :)...

How do you like it?
What do you like to see in the festival?



  1. Ish , ada jengkol di NY.
    Itu gorengan,menggoda sekali.

  2. kebayang bahagianya ya mak ketemu jengkol di NY hehehe....ada dua bakwan juga lagi hehe

  3. Duh, nyanyiin national anthem Indonesia di negara org, pasti rasanya brgemuruh gitu ya mba Ind, di dada.... :)

  4. Walah... ada jengkol dan comro juga. Kayaknya lebih enak deh. Hehehehe... *dasar tukang makan*

    1. betuuul mak niaa...makanan yang bikin panik hehehehe

  5. Mak..kok aku fokus ke makanannya ya malahan hahahhaa
    Duh ngrayain di negeri orangbpasti syahdu banget y mak karena beda dari biasanya. Apalagi pas nyanyiin lagu Indonesia Raya itubpasti semangaaaaat

    1. beneeer banget mak...kalau juh dari tanah air, rasa nasionalisme memang sering kali berlipat ganda..tapi harusnya di tanah air pun samaaa lho :)

  6. weww keren dan seru mak Insav...
    ituuh sate padang sama semur jengkolnya pasti jadi favorit deh hahahah

    1. bener bangeeet mak Ophi...antriannya panjaaaaang :)

  7. Woowww...beautiful bags in information booth are so pretty :)

  8. Wuihh rame n seru pasti yaa...n biasanya rasa nasionalisme lbh kuat kalo di LN

  9. I do love me Indonesian dances and their lovely costumes!

    1. That's great to hear that :)..I hope you got to see them more often as well :)

  10. It looks like a great event with some staying power.

  11. That's so cool that the people of NY got to indulge in some Indonesian culture! Everything looks like so much fun!

  12. waaah asiknya ya mak, meski tinggal di amrik sana teteeeep aja gorengan ada hehe...suka jugaa

  13. Mak jengkolnya itu kira2 dapet dimana ya? apa di amrik ada?

    1. kayaknyaaa impor dari Indonesia jengkolnya maaak...di masak di US

  14. That's great that a little culture from home is brought to New York. I love it.

    1. thanks Alisaa...we all love it too...and get sooo excited :)

  15. Aih keren, ada pakaian daerah .. juga baju bodo dari daerah saya. Kalo saya ada di sana, kayaknya baka merasa terharu melihat festivalnya, Mak :)

    1. iya Mak Mugniaaar...dari aneka sudut Indonesia yang cantiiik :)..saya pun terharu but at the same time semangaaaat melihatnya :)

  16. Berasa di kampung sendiri ya mbak, sampai jengkolpun ada :)

  17. This event seems to be so much fun. I also love to be part of event like this. Just a few days ago I have been to venues Los Angeles for some event. It was a great evening but I had so much fun.


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