South Beach, Miami, Florida

Look up and smile...
Such a beautiful day at South Beach, Miami, Florida..
Another stop we have in this summer's road trip :).
I will get back with more stories et more pictures, promise !

Meanwhile, let's celebrate this breathtaking nature...

How can you not love the sky..
Then love its mighty Creator ;)

enjoying the beach :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the sky from every corner of the world ;)..


  1. Wah...keren banget acara lomba burannya ya Mbak.. Udah nyampe pula di pantai ini.. Keren deh keliling2 Amrik..

  2. wahh lagi road tur mbaa, asiknyaa...itu langitnya biutipuul....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Woow, look at the sky, it's so beautiful. And so I love to see both of you enjoying the beach, hand in hand full with joy and happiness. Btw, Indah your age is exactly twice mine, hehe...

  5. Very nice. I'm glad you are enjoying your road trip and summer vacation.

  6. Another beautiful day on your trip! I bet you are having an amazing time!

  7. South Beach!!! kangen banget ama pantai ini... Kalo pemandangan alam masih suka pantai2 di Indonesia sih, tapi suasananya bener2 bikin tak terlupakan dan pengen kesana berkali-kali (baca:pemandangan manusia2 yang cakep & sexy yang selalu bikin meleleh hahaha).


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