Welcome to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC #1

Did you watch the Night at the Museum movie with Ben Stiller and the late Robin Williams on it? 

Watching all those animals and exhibits in the museum came to life is quite an experience indeed. And we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the real Museum being depicted as the site of this movie. :)

Museum will always be fascinating for me and my kids. So many interesting things to see, explore and learn.

And as summer break is here,  a lovely visit to the museum will be great.
We went there last May.

Located in Central Park West at 79th  Street, New York City, this museum is the perfect place to start exploring the amazing world of discoveries, cultures and science at the same time. In 1869, the museum was firstly created after the proposal from Albert Smith Bickmore, a zoologist, to establish a natural history museum in NYC, was fully supported by Theodore Roosevelt  (remember Teddy... brilliantly played by Robin Williams in the movie..the US President as well as an avid explorer), William Dodge, J.P. Morgan,  and Joseph Choate. Initially located in the Central Park Arsenal on the eastern part of the Park, the Museum's first building located in 77th  - 81st street  was erected in 1874. Long story short, this monumental building comprises 5-story square is now the house of enormous collection from many parts of the world in many forms and objects.

So, as we were ready to explore the museum, we decided to take the train here as driving and paring in Manhattan an drive you crazy :). It was very convenient for you who live in or visit NYC to come to this Museum because subway 1 or 2 take you directly to the 81st St, right underneath this museum. By the time you are stepping out of the subway, even the tiles along the way show you the path to the entrance. So cute...

Look at all those ceramic murals :)

When you arrived at the lobby, you will be welcomed by the gigantic fossil replica of Balosaurus and Allosaurus in a combating scene under the remarkable dome. 

say hi :)..

What an incredible sight...
No wonder this Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, the name of the the Hall, is incredible famous. Bo et Obi surely devour the moment here :).

the Grand Entrance of the Museum...
As this museum is extremely popular, the line for the entrance ticket is long and packed. But the great thing is, I got one-year free membership from my NY ID and we have a special line for that. Yaaaay....with my free membership, I can take 4 kids with me and less than 5 minutes, we got our tickets.

the tickets...
As usual, the suggested ticket price for this museum is USD 22 for adults, USD 12.50 for kids (2 - 12 years old) and USD 17 for senior and students. You can pay extra for 1 admission to the special exhibition, including the 3D IMAX movie, by paying USD 27 for adults, USD 16 for kids (2 - 12 years old) and USD 22 for senior and students. For SuperSaver tickets, where you can see verything, it will be USD 35 for adults, USD 22 for kids (2 - 12 years old) and USD 28 for senior and students. For more updated information about the tickets, feel free to check the website

Sooooo there we were...getting ready to explore and sooo excited about it.

Well, I have to warn you though, this museum is hugeeeee.
A lot to see indeed.
There are 45 permanent halls and one visit certainly won't cover everything.

As an illustration, the 4 of us explored it for almost 4 hours (that's the maximum we got with the kids :)), but we only managed to see 14 permanent exhibitions :). 

Basically, the Museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions, classified in several themes including biodiversity and environmental halls, animals, fossils, human origins and cultures, earth and space and sooo much more.

We started our visit with the Akeley Hall of the African Mamals, warmly welcomed by real-size African Elephants. Bo et Obi were fascinated with all those indigenuous animals from African deserts, savanas, plains, rivers and more. 

Lions, giraffes, deer, gorillas and so much more, complete with the information about their natural environments. 

I can almost hear his growls :)
Really...looking at those exhibitions made feel like we were there in Africa. 

Then we continued to browse the next hall, which is the African Peoples. 
Here we saw the interesting trails of civilizations in this continent. Stories about cultures, including their artifacts like masks, costumes and handicrafts were displayed.

what do you think :)
Next,we followed the path and saw the Birds of the world. 
Another fascinating part indeed...

fly high...

From here, we were heading to the Stout of Asian People Hall and Asian Mammals. Then of course we didn't want to miss dinosaurs part :).  As a matter of fact, Bo et Obi have been  been wanting to come to this spot in the first place.

sneak peak to the Fossils Hall..

Wanna know what we saw in the Fossils Hall ? And other parts of the American Museum of Natural History?
I'll be back with more stories and pictures on the next post.

Do you like museum, too? What is you favorite?

American Museum of Natural History  (AMNH)
Central Park West, 79th Street, New York City, New York, 10024-5192
Phone: +1 212 7695100
Open daily from 10 AM - 5.45 PM, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas

American Museum of Natural History


  1. Waaah seruuu, semoga bisa bawa anak2 ke sana...aamiin.
    ^_^ ra mahal ya kalo dikonversike rupiah, tapi sepadan kayanya ya mak...

    1. iya Mak Winda, tapi itu suggested price..boleh bayar penuh, boleh ngg lho...terserah kita aja :)

    2. Eh maksudnya?
      Kalau nggak punya duit boleh gak bayar full gitu Mbak???
      Di situ gak boleh pakai tongsis ya Mbak?

    3. iya Unaaaa...sekarang semua..or hampir semua museum di NYC begitu..suggested price namanya. Harga tiket yang penuh itu adalah nilai yang dibutuhkan untuk memastikan museum running 100% :)

  2. Wah seru. Museum yang di film Ben Stiller itu. Anakku suka banget film itu. Huhuhu... pengen ke sana jadinya... Lhah... :)))

    1. iyaaa mak Nia...anakku aja karena kakinya udah capek makanya selesai, nanti mau main ke sini lagi hehehe..

  3. Ferdias Bookelmann

    Ah ... so jealous ..... want to be there to ...... what an interesting article.
    Big hugs fo Bo et Obi

    1. makasiiiih maak...hopefully you can come here :)...nanti yang bagian dinosaurus aku buat terpisah :)

  4. Replies
    1. iyaa..kalau ngg inget capek masih mau lanjut aja hehehe

  5. wah asyik yah
    di museum masih boleh bawa kamera yah?

  6. Bagus banget ya, bikin kepingin ke sana. Kalau di Indonesia museumnya apik kayak di sana pastinya ramai juga ya.

    1. iyaa..beberapa museum di Indonesia udah kereen lho..seperti museum KAA dan Museum Sangiran seperti mak Lusi bilang di bawah..

  7. Kalo di bandung mirip2 museum geologi tapi versi boringnya wkwkkw batu2 n tulang belulang dinosaurus :D

  8. I watched the movie. It's hilarious. Kita punya Sangiran yang waktu ASEAN Blogger kesana itu, but hava to be shaped up to make it more popular & interactive :D

    1. iyaaa..the movie was great..dan Museum Sangiran itu kereen lho..jadi inget belum sempet published ceritanya :)

  9. Ahaaa akhirnya mbak indah memenuhi penasaran aku. Makasih ya mbak postingan museum ini

    1. hehehehe..lama aja yaaa mak postingnyaaa..makasiiih

  10. The Natural History Museum is on my bucket list. Great post and I'll have to move it a little further up the list.

  11. That had to be great seeing that! I loved watching those movies with my kids. Mica was cracking up during it. He loves history, so it was right up his alley.

  12. Itu museumnya keren banget... ada ga ya di indonesia museum spt itu? Kalo ada anak2 pst senang diajak ke museum ya.

    1. ada beberapa makren..di museum KAA Bandung ama Museum Sangiran Solo kereeen lhoo..

  13. Memang asyik banget main ke museum kek gini. Pernah dulu pas di Malang main ke Museum Satwa. Inget banget, Sepupu saya yang masih umur 2 tahun takut melihat hewan2 gede. :D

    Mama Boo, saya sudak klik2 itu. :D

  14. aku langsung inget film a night at museum.... apalagi kerangka dinosaurusnya itu tuh... hahahaha.... dan topeng monyetnya... eh... ini museum yang sama dengan yang di film atau emang museum di amerika begini semua modelnya?

  15. seperti museum yg ada di TV...jangan2 ini museumnya..hahaha

  16. Wow, ajigile kerennnya ya, Mak Indah? Beruntung banget dirimu dan keluarga bisa main2 ke sini, jadi serasa berada di dalam film itu ya, Mak? Hihi. Keren kaliiiiiii *kata Orang Medan. Hehe.
    Semoga suatu hari nanti bisa ke sini ah! Aamiin.... *kekeupin dompet untuk ngirit ah. :v

  17. I would LOVE to visit there some day! Well, maybe take an extra day as well to explore the whole thing. It really looks like a very cool museum with a lot of interesting history to see!

  18. ya ampuuun 45 ruangan makk...luasnyaa...harus berapa kali kesana yaa biar bisa nikmati semua...


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