New York City from above

I just notice that I have some shots taken with my smartphone just before landing in NYC.
I know it's been quite some times but it is amazing to see any city from above.
When you are flying up high and about to land.
Especially NYC...

With its scaterring islands, deep blue sea, hi-rise buildings and great bridges.
What a sight to enjoy :)

make me wanna swim :)

George Washington bridge from above
George Washington Bridge

Enjoy the beauty of sky wherever you are and join us in Skywatch Friday


  1. Wonderful aerial view of the New York city.

  2. Wow, this is really cool! I like sky shots like this of skylines.

  3. It is really pretty from up above! Great views!

  4. kerennnn...
    selalu amazed liat foto2 dari mama Bo

  5. Marvelous photos from above. Gorgeous !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  6. I love above shots. It's so pretty! Wonderful view.

  7. Awesome. I thought it will be full of buildings

  8. selalu menimati keindahan gambar yang di ambil mbak Indah

  9. Oh...wonderful view...I like this picture

  10. Aku salut dengan kameranya, resolusinya keren sekali. Ternyata disana masih ada tanah kosong ya ? kirain padat penuh sesak.

  11. oh jadi New York itu banyak pulaunya mak?
    terbubung dgn jembatan ya? kl di sini mungkin kayak Barelang gitu ya


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