Friday Morning Ride at Queensboro Bridge

It's Friday...
One last day before the weekend is here and I will have extra time for my petite famille.

This morning we all went together as Bo didn't have his morning summer class and I signed Udi up for a NYC ID appointment at the UN Headquarters.

So, instead of booking online and waiting for at least another 3 weeks, we decided to walk in to the pop-up registration that happened to be set up at the UN HQ. How convenient. I'll share more details on NYC ID later.

Then there we were... All the four of us driving along through Queensboro Bridge to midtown Manhattan.

And what a clear blue sky...

Here's our Friday Morning ride at Queensboro bridge.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy great photos of captivating skies in many corners of the world.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone...

Thank you :)


  1. How lovely! You can't beat that view!

  2. ihhhh di USA bisa sebiru itu langitnya, kalo di Indonesia sekarang Mak lagi panasnya minta ampun

  3. Memang bagus bangeet langitnyaa. . .
    sudah klik, Mama Boo. ;)

  4. Wow, great bridge, wonderful view :)

  5. Such a great view! It has to be nerve racking to drive in New York.

  6. The sky is so blue. Breathtaking!


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