Flushing Meadows in summer

Summer is here...
Say cheeeseeeee :)

My daughter Obi just loves spending time outdoor. 
Well, who wouldn't? 
At least now, when the weather get warmer and 'friendlier' for our 35-degree-all-year-long-Indonesian-skin :).

Public parks and pools are her favorite...along with some scooter-time with her brother, Bo.

We are lucky that many parks are within the walking distance of our house, like Astoria Park, but one of our all-time favorite here is Corona Park, Flushing Meadows. 
We went here several times, in all seasons. 
Winter, spring, summer et fall :). 
The first time we came here is because we wanted to check the alien tower appeared in Men in Black movie. From that moment on, we keep coming back.

It's famous for its Unisphere and being the site for World's Fair back in 1940 and 1965. 
The last time we went here was before Ramadhan as they had the festival for the anniversary of the World's Fairs.

It was a great event, with many displays of antique cars, mementos from the Fairs, and fun activities for the kids. I should have probably put that story on another post. Yeaaah...will do :).

But for sure, we were having fun at that day.
And took a lot of pictures.
Really a lot of pictures :).

Obi in black-and-white 

Well, it was a great day..
Everyone was in good mood and we had our phones.
A photo session it was.

                Here are some of the shots we took on iPhone 6 and edited using Snapseed
Hope you like it :)
Say cheeers...


Obi and I :)

the 4 of us, under the Unisphere :)

Now that we are in the middle of Ramadhan, the holy month for moslems, we are fasting and trying to go a little easy on outdoor activities.
But I guess another trip to Flushing Meadows won't hurt :).

What's your favorite park near your house? Do you take lots of pictures in the park as well?


  1. Mbak Insaaav, tumben nuansa kali ini hitam! Biasanya colorful! But it's okay, all the pictures still cute..

  2. gemeeees lihat Obi, cakep banget lcucu

    1. hehehehe...ini lagi mau pose aja mak...biasanya suka lari-lariii..

  3. Cantiknya Obiii. Anakku pingin rambutnya bisa gelombang2 seperti Obii :D

  4. Wow warmest smile in the summer. Hope everybody is exciting :D

  5. Selalu jatuh cintaa klo liat obiii... Huhuuu

  6. Those pictures did turn out great!

    I have one - Isaak that loves the outdoors. He's a people person. He always wants someone by his side. I have another - Mica that loves the indoors. He's a independent person. He always has his nose in a book. I wish they'd happily meet in the middle. I have to beg Mica to go catch some rays. When he finally goes outside...Mica pretends to be deaf and blind, so he can ignore his brother. I tell him not to do that. He says, "I have rights you know." That kid is something else!

    Outdoors is certainly a must for kids. They need to work off that energy, and get that vitamin D.

  7. Such wonderful family photos! I need to check out Snapseed. I hear a lot of good things about that app!

    We don't have nice parks where I live. Well, we do, but they are located in the bad parts of town, so we don't go to them :(

  8. Obiiii...cantik sekali..manis banget senyumanmu..

  9. Luar biasa, senyuman yang mengingatkan kebesaran Tuhan :)

  10. keluarga bahagia ya, jadi ngiri liatnya :D


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