WW: UN International Bazaar 2015

A festive annual gathering indeed...
The UN International Bazaar surely showcased so many beautiful forms of cultural heritage and traditional culinaries from different corners of the world, including my homeland, Indonesia...
Will get back with more details :)
 But meanwhile, enjoy some of the snap shots I got during the event...

The UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon came to the stage :)
Sosis Solo, one of Indonesia's yummy munchies...
more from Indonesian handicraft table...
mie bakso...ready to warm you up :)
the crowd...

Join us on Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping yooo :)


  1. The food looks really good! I bet you had fun at that event.

  2. Keren acaranya mak...ada juga makanan khas Indonesia. Sosis solo emmm yummy...sukses untuk Indonesia.

  3. Ya ampun ada sosis solo sukaaaak :D

  4. I love to attend international bazaars...you can find so many interesting items! Thanks for joining OMHG Wordless Wednesday!


    1. indeeed...it's always fun to come to an international bazaar like this..

  5. That looked worth going to for the food alone heheh!
    have a bazarrtastic week & thanks for farting by ;-)

  6. Wonderful pictures, lucky to visit this multicultural bazaar!

  7. This looked like a great event! A great way to immerse yourself in other cultures! The food looks so yum yum too!

  8. Aduh..itu mie bakso sampai juga mejeng disana...
    Ah bikin ngiler saja ini mah Mbak...



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