Visiting Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

If Indonesia is located in the ring of fire in the South East Asia region, then Nicaragua is the one in Latin America.

Visiting Nicaragua a few weeks ago for my work trip truly feels like going back home. Of course it's different but there are many things that remind me of home. Including this volcano.

Kalau di Indonesia, kita sudah terbiasa ya melihat gunung, baik yang masih aktif atau tidak, dan bahkan mendaki hingga ke puncak untuk melihat kawahnya. Saya ingat waktu jaman Pramuka saat SMP pernah hiking ke kawah Tangkuba Perahu saat mengikuti Jambore Nasional tahun 1991 (ketahuaaan deh umurnya :)). Dan setelah beberapa lama tidak pernah melihat kawah gunung dari dekat, ternyata dalam perjalanan ke Nikaragua beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mendapat kesempatan lagi untuk melihat hal yang sama, namun di negara Amerika Latin :).

Dubbed as one of the most active volcanoes in the country, the National Park of the Masaya Volcano  is indeed another beautiful spot we visited in Nicaragua.

It took around 30 minutes to go to the National Park from Managua by bus. It was an organized tour after we closed the session of our 3-day seminar. By the time we got to the gate, it was still another 10 minutes drive to the top. I heard that those visiting this place can have the taxi taking them up, hike, or try horseback riding tour for around USD 15. I would love to try the last one but we all went in group so I sat nicely in my bus :).

Nearing the top, we spotted the cross on top of the hill and the Deputy Permanent Representative of Nicaragua, our host, who happened to share the same car as me, said that they put it there in order to keep the devil coming out of the volcano.

Since the volcano was very active, the indigenous people living around there call it "the mouth of hell" or La Boca del Infierno in Spanish. I can imagine how dreadful people at that time witnessing the rumbling volcano erupting lava, rocks and sulphur. And I guess by putting the cross there they must have felt much, much safer.

We managed to see the crater which is still smoking and emitting sulfur gases. So we really have to be careful and refrain from staying near the crater too long.

But I got to admit, the view is stunning indeed.
Looking down at the craters amidst its smoky screen and rather unpleasant smell is quite an experience :).  The misterious surroundings add the beauty of the place.
The typical vegetation around the area is also interesting to look at.
And the fauna...We were informed by our guide that there is one particular bird, the green parakeets, that has adapted to this rather dangerous habitat with sulfur and smoke and live within the crater. Can you imagine that? They build their nest within the craters and some visitors can see them returning to their nests in the evening or after sunset.
That's why this National Park offers a night tour. 
How cool is that! We would be able to see some of those animals, including the flocks of bats, and I guess, perhaps, some glowing lava :).
But of course, I didn't get a chance to try the night tour as right after this visit, we went to Granada to enjoy the sunset sail at Lake Granada :). For sure I will share it in another post :).

We have to be extra careful at some parts along the edge of the craters because of the loose rocks. But the signs are all clear so you should be okay as long as you follow the rules.

Just some quick notes if you come to this area>
1. It's hot, hot, hot
 Make sure you have your hat and bottles of water to ensure that you are well hydrated. Although it depends on the the time you visit the area, but Nicaragua is generally tprocal in terms of climate.

2. Wear you comfy shoes
Sneakers and walking shoes will be the best, especially if you plan to try the hiking trails. It's also very sandy so the sands might get into your shoes if you don't wear the proper one.

3.  Be careful 
When you walk around or take picture, make sure you observe the area and take precautions. Some part of the area are very loose and slipery because of the sand. And the crater is deep as well. so watch out for your loose items like hats, glasses etc when you look down.

All in all, it was an awesome day for me and the group...
Visiting Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua is highly recommended.

After about spending around 45 minutes there, off we went to the next adventure....
Lake Nicaragua, Granada :)..

Wanna hear the story on that? I'll be right back ...


  1. Cakep banget, suka ama langitnya ;-)

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    1. iyaaa..perpaduan rasa yang bikin gimanaaa gitu hehehe

  3. Wah tempatnya berbahaya mbak... sepi juga tuh

  4. Alam yang ekstrem sekaligus menakjubkan.

  5. Wow - gorgeous shots.

  6. panas mana mbak disana atau di indo?

    1. panasnya beda..di sini menyengat..ngg humid seperti di Indonesia

  7. terjal banget ya tapi indah. Alam itu terlalu indah untuk kita bayangkan saja. lebih enak dikunjungi dan dinikmati keindahannya

    1. iyaaa mba...memang indah, dan kita haru hati-hati menikmatinya..

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    1. Iyaaa mak.. Alhamdulillaaah dapet kesempatan liaat..

  9. Puncaknya ngga seperti puncak garuda fi Merapi itu ngeri banget, tapi tetap saja harus hati-hati yaa

  10. Kelihatannya sepi banget ya mba, ngga kayak di bromo hehehe

  11. Keren, berasa di atas awan kalo ke sana :D

  12. dekat banget dari ibukota mak..
    aduuh kalau erupsi lagi bagaimana kabarnya ya...

  13. pemandangan di Nicaragua bagus ya mak.... apakah disana juga rame seperti disini mak?.

    Mak Indah ternyata dulu aktif pramuka juga ya..salam pramuka

  14. Bagusssss banget semua pemandangan nyA.... keren ya... aku pikir selama ini nicaragua cuma punya hutan hutan gitu deh

  15. Nicaragua ?
    waw ... ini beda nih ...
    jarang orang berwisata ke Nicaragua pilihannya ...
    it's going to be very unique ...

    salam saya
    (6/6 : 30)

  16. kalau ada teman yang nulis tentang perjalanannya, pasti jadi terselip doa semoga suatu waktu bisa berkunjung juga ke sana. Biasanya teman-teman cerita tentang Eropa, kali ini Nkaragua, dan tak kalah indahnya dengan destinasi tujuan wisata di belahan dunia lain. Bukti Tuhan itu adil ya Mbak, karena keindahanNya ada di mana-mana..

  17. Wow! You got some stunning shots! It looks like quite a place to experience in person!

  18. keren sekali..tapi kok aku takut ya...takut jatuh...hehehe

  19. So awesome ..
    I wish I could there..
    tp jangankan kesana ...daki gunung di Indonesia juga blm pernah..

  20. Sumpah, asyik banget bisa ke tempat begini, ajakin dooonk, rasanya cuma bisa liat di Google doank.. hikz..

  21. Subhanallah sungguh ciptaan Allah yang luar biasa,,,

    langitnya kaya beda yaa mak dengan lain Indonesia?? hahahaha

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