You're Grounded ..

It's been such a busy week!

Lucky me indeed...
Series of meetings haunted me, including working lunches and early morning visits to the big guy, my nickname for the radiation machine, constantly. Running around while watching the sun rises is in my agenda.

Well, didn't mean to complain ..

One thing for sure, I am lucky enough to have all these strength, patience and spirit to endure my day-to-day struggle :).

And clear blue sky...

Aaah...clear blue sky.

spending so much time here lately..UN Headquarters, NYC.

My refuge..
the sphere within the sphere at the UN..

The calming blue sky..
Join us and let's enjoy the calming blue sky from different corners of the world on Skywatch Friday :)


  1. A meeting with the big guy doesn't sound like fun at all. Some day you're going to meet someone and they are going to say, "Hey just call me Big Guy." You'll automatically be turned off to talking with them.

    I'm thinking of you through your treatment. I imagine it has to be so hard on you and your family.

    That sculpture at the UN is pretty. It's a good resting spot.

    1. Thank you so much,'s not easy but much more fun than my chemo session. So, I'm lucky :). UN is interestingly filled with so many great objects. I will put them in my blog one by one..hopefully :)

  2. Sounds like a busy week, indeed! I'm glad you can still stop and appreciate the beautiful sky among all the chaos!

    1. I'm trying to, keeps my mind off things and pretty relaxing, too :)

  3. Yes, this place is gorgeous, I like these pictures, beautiful reflections!

    1. I'm glad as well..but I'd rather spend some time outside :)

  4. Gorgeous photos. I am SO Happy that the skies are blue and the weather is warming up :)

    1. Thanks Robin...all taken by my phone..the weather is getting nicer indeed :)


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